Customer Retention [Online course]

Make customer retention your number one growth channel

This course will teach you how to define and identify retention points for your customer base, how to slow down or flatten churn, and how to improve retention long term.

Online course:
Customer retention for subscription products

By Val Geisler, email and digital strategist

Course length: 3h

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When it comes to growing SaaS companies, most people are following a traditional, top-down approach and using demo requests as the main way of qualifying new business.

What separates the top 1% from the bottom 99%?


For SaaS companies, the term “growth” often means acquiring new customers, doing biz dev, and building out a sales and marketing team. But what about the customers you’ve already attracted?

This course will teach you how to define and identify retention points for your customer base, how to slow down or flatten churn, and how to improve retention long term.

Introduction video (2 min)


I’ve been known for referring to Val as ’email royalty’, and that’s because there is almost no one I trust more with my SaaS clients’ email and customer onboarding experience than her.

Georgiana Laudi, co-founder, Forget the Funnel

Retention is the most underrated growth channel

Stop letting your churn rate keep you up at night. Start focusing on retention efforts instead. Retention activities are the secret to increasing your customer lifetime value (CLTV)… and the number of zzzzz’s you can catch on a regular basis.

In this course, Val will teach you everything you need to know about why retention leads all other growth strategies…and how to maximize it.

In just 6 short online classes, you will be able to

  • Know the difference between good and bad retention
  • Identify the keys to really great retention
  • Implement strategies that will positively affect your churn rate
  • Learn how to improve retention long term

This course will teach you how to define and identify retention points for your customer base, how to slow down or flatten churn, and how to improve retention long term.

The impact of Val’s work goes beyond the positive trends in conversion we’re seeing. Getting responses from our customers telling us that we have the most personal emails they’ve ever seen (this actually happened, and more than once) helps give us a powerful advantage in a very competitive space.

Len Markidan, Director of Marketing, Podia

Sneak preview: Lesson 1

Retention = revenue

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This course is right for you if…

  • You want to find ways to grow your MRR without hiring a sales team.
  • You measure customer churn rates as a KPI for your role.
  • You have struggled identifying retention blindspots in your overall customer experience.

This course is probably not for you if…

  • You’re not a SaaS or subscription model-based company
  • Your churn rate is at a number that doesn’t concern you in the slightest.
  • You think the only key to growth is new customer acquisition.
  • You can’t influence the relationship your brand has with your customers

Skills you should have before taking this course

This course is suitable for everyone, but it helps if you have:

  • A working knowledge of your current churn rate.
  • The ability to impact the customer experience (through email, app-based UX, collecting data via surveys, etc.).
  • A basic understanding of how churn affects a business focused on monthly recurring revenue.

About your instructor, Val Geisler

Val has been obsessed with customer experience since her high school cashier job at the local Target store.

From retail to events and now software, Val has seen it all: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

As an email marketing strategist, Val combines her background in customer experience, content creation, and digital strategy. Nothing brings her more happiness than helping businesses unblock the way they connect with their customers.

Your full course curriculum

Retention: The most underrated growth channel

Lesson 1

Retention = revenue

Learn the ins and outs of retention, how to define it, and ways it can impact your business.

Lesson 2

The early bird gets the retention worm

Retention begins the moment your customer signs up. Learn about how you can impact Week 1 retention.

Lesson 3

For best results: segment

Creating a personalized new user experience based on where they are in their customer journey can create a lasting effect on retention and reducing churn. Learn the ins and outs of segmenting for the greatest impact.

Lesson 4

Beyond the first 90 days

Learn how to build retention strategies into every interaction with your customer, no matter how long they’ve been around.

Lesson 5

Slowing the curve

Retention is not always about new features. This lesson will teach you how to slow down or even flatten the retention curve outside of product development.

Lesson 6

Measuring and improving retention long term

Quantitative and qualitative data impact retention rates. Learn how to identify those areas of opportunity and use them to refine your churn busting efforts over time.

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