Product-led SaaS growth

Product-Led SaaS Growth Course

Turn your SaaS product into a growth engine and convert more free trial users into paid customers.

If you’ve ever wondered how Slack, Dropbox, or even Trello grew to be such unbeatable juggernauts in their industry, it’s because they executed on a product-led growth strategy.

In this 8-class course you’ll learn how to...

  • Put together a successful product-led growth strategy that will help you get some quick wins under your belt before the course is even finished
  • Avoid some of the most painful bottlenecks when it comes to acquiring and activating free trial and freemium users
  • Help more people experience the core value of your product and (actually) want to upgrade

Wes Bush
Wesley Bush, Marketing Scientist & Business Owner, Traffic Is Currency



    When it comes to growing SaaS companies, most people are following a traditional, top-down approach and using demo requests as the main way of qualifying new business.

    This course will show you how you can adopt a bottom-up marketing approach and build a sustainable, product-led growth engine.

    This course is right for you if...

    • You have a free trial or freemium offer and want more users to convert to paid customers
    • You are interested in implementing a free trial or freemium offer in your business and want to fast-track the time it takes to put together a successful strategy
    • You have tried to implement a free trial or freemium offer, but maybe it didn’t work out for you.

    This course is NOT for you if...

    • You believe a free trial user should be treated the same way as a demo request
    • You think you can get free trial users to upgrade simply by bombarding them with hundreds of automated messages
    • You aren’t curious about how to make a new user of your product successful.

    Skills you should have before taking this course:

    The course is suitable for everyone, but it helps if you have:

    • Worked in a software-as-a-service (SaaS) business in the past
    • Experience in optimization
    • A base-level understanding of digital marketing


    About your instructor:
    Wes Bush

    Wes would rather jump out of a plane than read about what skydiving feels like. Similarly, he rather test out a promising software product than read a whitepaper about how “life-changing” the product is going to be.

    Wes has built a career around helping companies such as Vidyard move from telling people how amazing their product is to showing people how helpful their product can be through a free trial offer.

    Last time Wes checked, he has generated well over 130,000 free trial users since founding Traffic Is Currency, an agency that specializes in this kind of thing.

    Why we hand-selected Wes to teach this course

    Wes is a highly energetic, well-versed growth marketer with excellent instincts about what triggers the right responses from B2B SaaS audiences. He has a particular eye for finding opportunities for conversion optimization and crafting language that is both on-brand and gets conversions.

    Matthew Levin, VP Marketing at Simplereach

    Wes always has a smile on his face and curiosity for life that is contagious to everyone around him. The thing I admire most about Wes is that he is never satisfied with the status quo, he is always searching for ways to better optimize our programs and elevate the business.

    Kim Koserski, Demand Generation Manager at Vidyard

    Wes is a talented, passionate B2B marketer who goes far and beyond with everything he does. With his hands-on approach to B2B marketing, Wes is focused and dedicated to surpassing the goals he sets.One thing is for sure, if anyone asks me for a full-stack growth solution for their B2B business, I'm pointing at Wes.

    Talia Wolf, Founder of GetUplift


    Your curriculum

    Classes self-paced and entirely online.

    Product-led SaaS growth

    Class 1

    Show, don’t tell

    Learn the key elements that go into creating a product-led growth engine.

    Topics Covered

    • What you need to consider when deciding between a free trial or freemium offer
    • What the core differences are between a traditional and product-led growth model
    • Why you need to master three core fundamentals to see new users convert to paid

    Class 2

    Say goodbye to MQLs

    If you’ve used Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) in the past, you need to dramatically change the way you approach lead qualification when building a product-led growth strategy. For this to work, you need to use Product Qualified Leads (aka PQLs) as your lead scoring needs to be based on user behavior that is tied to value.

    Topics Covered

    • Why MQLs are worthless for a product-led growth strategy
    • Why you shouldn’t track everything in your product
    • What metrics you need to watch and how to create a proactive metrics dashboard

    Class 3

    Segment & conquer

    Dive into two frameworks that you can use to find your best customers and multiply them.

    Topics Covered

    • How to find your best customers in a sea of data
    • What you need to ask your favorite customers. Yes, this means actually talking to them (spoiler alert)
    • A different way to create personas for your product

    Class 4

    Identify your product’s aha moment

    Learn what to look for when going through the user journeys of your favorite customers.

    Topics Covered

    • Identify your product’s aha moment without pulling your hair out
    • Why you need to know your product’s “job-to-be-done” and how to define it for your business
    • Understand the fundamental elements that go into your customer’s upgrading

    Class 5

    Optimize for value

    See how you can eliminate “busy work” in your current onboarding process (if you have one) and help more people experience the value of your product.

    Topics Covered

    • What to look for when trying to find your product’s aha moment
    • How you can create an onboarding sequence that will help more users experience an aha moment in your product
    • When you should & shouldn’t add friction in your onboarding

    Class 6

    Create an onboarding track

    Learn how to build several onboarding tracks that will help you get new users experiencing your product’s core value.

    Topics Covered

    • What the top 1% of SaaS companies do differently when onboarding
    • The most painful mistakes to avoid when building an onboarding track
    • How you can create an onboarding sequence that will help more users experience your product’s core value

    Class 7

    Customer success

    Software is quickly becoming a commodity and as a result, it’s more important than ever before to help your users become successful or you risk a competitor stealing your hard-won customers.

    Topics Covered

    • Why your free trial & freemium content engagement strategy shouldn’t be too different than inviting people to dinner
    • Why you need a behaviour based content engagement campaign
    • Why everything you send your users should be benefit-driven

    Class 8

    Converting more free trial users to paid customers

    In this final class, we’ll cover a battle-tested checklist that you can use to constantly fine-tune your onboarding experience. This is a timeless process you can use to find bottlenecks in your onboarding experience.

    Topics Covered

    • Learn how to dissect onboarding experiences to look for conversion opportunities
    • Why you need to convince the rest of your team onboard with product-led growth
    • Implementing core principles to accelerate your growth


    You will also get introductory video lessons

    In addition to classes, you’ll get access to snack-sized video lessons with actionable assignments to bring you up to speed before you start the course.

    See why product-led SaaS growth is becoming the biggest growth driver for some of the fastest growing SaaS companies and how this course is going to help you put together a comprehensive product-led growth strategy.

    Learn what a PQL is and how it fits into developing a successful product-led SaaS growth strategy. If you get this right, you’ll be able to align your marketing, sales, customer success, and even engineering team.

    One of the most common questions SaaS businesses face is whether they should use a free trial or freemium offer for their business. Both have their pros and cons but you need to consider other factors too. If not, it could be an expensive mistake to make for your business.

    A PQL is different for every business but you should still be tracking 8 core metrics in your product-qualified lead funnel. When you know how to track these macro metrics, you’ll easily be able to identify bottlenecks in your conversion funnel.

    Learn how to rethink the way you currently market your SaaS product using the jobs-to-be-done framework.


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