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A/B testing mastery
Understand testing approaches that work (and pitfalls that don’t) to get more wins and insights from optimization efforts.

running experiments | customer base studies | prioritization

Advanced Google Tag Manager

Understand GTM and its data model, learn useful Javascript skills, and automate tasks using the GTM programmatic API.

JavaScript | the data layer | GTM API

Advanced organic acquisition

Advanced acquisition strategies to level-up your SEO strategy and build traffic-driving assets that convert for the long term.

SEO | link building | content assets

Applied AI for marketers

Artificial Intelligence, or AI. It may be an overused buzzword of the moment – or perhaps it can change your career for the better. What do you really need to know about AI to be an effective conversion rate optimizer? How can AI help you today to drive more revenue for your business?

In this course, we will focus on practical ways you can use AI for CRO and other marketing applications. You will cut through the AI hype and gain a practical, applied understanding of AI. AI won’t feel like a buzzword to you.

In just 4 sessions, you will be able to answer:

  • What are the major types of AI and how do they relate to one another?
  • Which types of AI are better suited to different kinds of marketing problems?
  • How should you and your teammates think differently to get the most out of AI?
  • What data is needed to use AI?
  • What resources should you deploy to get the most out of AI?
  • What are common use cases for AI in b2c and b2b CRO?

This course is for marketers with beginner or intermediate understanding of AI, and those with no understand of AI at all. This course is right for you if you’re not using AI today or have just begun to start using AI.

After taking this course, you’ll understand AI, and how to evaluate and apply the right AI technology in your work.

Instructor: Guy Yalif, Co-founder and CEO of Intellimize

Applied neuromarketing

Leverage knowledge of the human brain and buyer behavior to increase sales.

user behavior | emotional resonance | attention and perception

Building data-driven personas

Combine qualitative research with quantitative methods to build truly representative personas.

user segmentation | qualitative user research | quantitative methods

Andy Crestodina

Content. It’s why they visit and why they convert (or don’t). Content is part of every step in your funnel.

From the first keyphrase to the final conversion, this masterclass connects every dot. Your content and your website are a bridge between a Google search results page and your website’s thank you page. Here is the complete approach to making that bridge a fast-flowing highway of continuous demand. Andy will walk through each step in the process for driving B2B leads with content marketing, from first action to final outcome.

In just 6 sessions, you’ll be able to:

  • Align topics and formats with the information needs of your audience
  • Research keyphrases and search optimize your content
  • Find and collaborate with relevant influencers
  • Maximize your email list growth, open rates and click through rates
  • Master the art of repurposing, so you can produce higher quality content in less time
  • Measure and optimize for better traffic (and more conversions) on the next go round

We’ll analyze the birth of a lead, deconstructing each page in the process and each stage in the funnel. You’ll learn how to strengthen each stage in the funnel, from the high-ranking blog post to the thank you page after the thank you page.

Instructor: Andy Crestodina, co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Orbit Media

CRO agency masterclass

Learn how to build, manage, and scale an optimization program.

building an optimization team | CRO tools and methods | client management

Customer acquisition master course

Develop in-depth customer acquisition skills to bring consistent, highly targeted traffic via SEO and PPC.

SEO | PPC campaigns | keyword research

Customer Retention

Stop letting your churn rate keep you up at night.

Don’t want to worry about churn anymore? Great! You don’t have to…when you’re focused on retention efforts instead. Retention activities are the secret to increasing your customer lifetime value (CLTV)…and the number of zzzzz’s you can catch on a regular basis.

In this course, Val will teach you everything you need to know about why retention leads all other growth strategies…and how to maximize it.

In just 6 sessions, you will be able to:

  • Know the difference between good and bad retention
  • Identify the keys to really great retention
  • Implement strategies that will positively affect your churn rate
  • Learn how to improve retention long term

This course will teach you how to define and identify retention points for your customer base, how to slow down or flatten churn, and how to improve retention long term.

Instructor: Val Geisler, Email and digital strategist,

Data presentation and visualization

Present data in a way that highlights valuable insights and tells a compelling story.

Data Studio | data visualization | analytics strategy

Data Studio masterclass

Use Google Data Studio to create interactive dashboards, reports, and data visualizations.

data sources | filters | data visualization

Data-driven UX

Optimize your web design using a proven, repeatable UX framework.

Google Analytics | user recordings | landing page and form UX

Digital analytics minidegree program

Learn in-depth skills for the Google suite of analytics tools to become a data-driven specialist who can set up any needed tracking and turn data into insights and money.

Google Analytics | Google Tag Manager | Google Data Studio | Excel | Analytics APIs

Ecommerce growth

Apply a 3-lever framework and scale your ecommerce company.

customer retention | AOV | acquisition

Excel for marketers

Use Excel and Google Sheets to find actionable marketing insights.

pivot tables | named ranges | VLOOKUP | string manipulation

Form optimization

Design high-performing forms that increase conversions and decrease cart abandonment.

desktop and mobile form design | user interaction | form copy

Foundations of Demand Generation

Win 10x more sales deals with half the effort by building a demand generation engine for your company.

If you’ve ever wondered how HubSpot, KissMetrics, or even Salesforce are such powerhouses when it comes to sales in their industry, it’s because their marketing team has built a demand generation engine.

Join marketing expert Ramli John as he walks through the essentials of creating a solid demand gen pipeline that will support your business for years to come.

In just 8 sessions, you’ll be able to:

  • Put together a successful demand generation strategy that will help your company generate predictable qualified leads for years to come
  • Leverage landing pages, social media, and keywords together to compel your target audience to give you access to their e-mail inbox and, eventually, their wallet
  • Avoid some of the most painful bottlenecks when it comes to implementing a demand generation program that aligns sales and marketing

This course will show you how you can build a predictable, scalable and repeatable lead generation machine for your company.

Instructor: Ramli John, Demand Generation Specialist and Founder of GrowthX.Agency

Google Analytics for beginners

Apply the basics of Google Analytics to improve product, marketing, and strategy decisions.

GA reports | event tracking | data analysis

Google Analytics for experienced marketers

Advanced-level Google Analytics training for marketers who want to extract insights from their data to solve specific business problems.

GA admin configuration | advanced functionality and reports | performance marketing

Growth marketing minidegree program

Learn to accelerate your business by running growth experiments, optimizing the channels that work best for you, and scaling your growth program.

On this dashboard you will find links to every course, office hours, event videos, and the final exam to earn your certification.

Pass the final exam with a 90% score to become a CXL Institute Certified Growth Marketer. You can reattempt the exam after 24 hours.

Time to complete minidegree (approximation):

211h 30m


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Intermediate Facebook ads

Learn how to set up a Facebook marketing plan that won’t be obsolete in 2 years time.

Facebook lead ads | campaigns | boosted posts

Intermediate Google Analytics

Apply intermediate-level Google Analytics skills to enhance your marketing strategy with data-driven insights.

attribution | custom reports | data audits

Landing page optimization

Gain skills and knowledge related to landing pages, research, and user psychology for a better optimization strategy.

conversion research | wireframing | copywriting

LinkedIn advertising

LinkedIn Ads may be the toughest paid social channel to get right. With LinkedIn traffic costing so much, it’s imperative to avoid mistakes that will be costly and nail it from the start. In this course, AJ Wilcox walks you through the process of getting started advertising on LinkedIn, by bringing your AMO: Audience, Message, Offer.

In this 4-class course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Advertise to LinkedIn’s premium audience for the lowest possible costs, using little-known tricks
  • Craft your targeting in ways that allow you greater scale, while avoiding your competition
  • Structure your account for efficiency of management
  • Select and craft the best offers that will get them to both click and convert
  • Build sophisticated and over-powered retargeting audiences
  • Write and create ads that drive action and volume
  • Troubleshoot, test, and tune your funnel performance
  • And more

By taking this course, you’ll learn everything you need to manage LinkedIn Ads like a pro.

Instructor: AJ Wilcox, LinkedIn Ads Pro / Speaker / Founder @ B2Linked

Maximizing audiences for your PPC campaigns

Learn to build and leverage audiences for PPC campaigns: Reach the right people who will actually convert.

Keywords are important, but keywords don’t make you money. People do. So when we focus our PPC efforts on speaking to the user, the success of our keywords will naturally improve.

Joe Martinez and Michelle Morgan will go through everything you need to know about audiences in PPC. They will tackle audiences for Search, Display, and Paid Social. You will learn advanced strategies for audiences in PPC.

In just 6 sessions, you will be able to:

  • Define who your target audiences are and how to market to them with PPC
  • Learn how to effectively use audiences in remarketing
  • Use advanced strategies for negative audiences & audience shaping
  • Learn new ways to find audiences you can use to write better ads

This course will show you how to improve your PPC game by building audiences to enhance your current PPC campaign strategies.

Instructors: Joe Martinez, Director of Paid Media and Community @ Granular and
Michelle Morgan, Director Client Services at Clix Marketing


Set up and apply personalization to improve conversions across the customer lifecycle.

segmentation approaches | A/B and MVT testing | B2B and B2C personalization

Product-led SaaS growth

Build a product-led growth strategy to convert more free trial users into paid customers.

product qualified leads | segmentation | onboarding

Psychology and neuroscience for CRO

To help you cut through the clutter of hyped-up industry claims, Dr. Brian Cugelman and Michael Aagaard will teach you core lessons in digital psychology and show you how to apply them to your conversion funnel. Michael and Brian have combined their best content and developed a suite of templates and tools to make this a truly unique learning experience. All content has been vetted as grounded science that converts – no fluff.

In this 4-week, 8-class course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Use psychological tactics to optimize user journeys and page design
  • Get cheat sheets for applying digital psychology and emotional design neuroscience
  • Take part in interactive training with opportunities to submit your work for testing
  • Learn from a behavioral scientist and a leading CRO expert

Instructors: Brian Cugelman, Senior scientist @ AlterSpark Corp. & Michael Aagaard, Senior CRO consultant

Referral marketing

Get more out of your existing customer base by building, implementing, promoting and optimizing a referral program.

referral programs | customer lifetime value | 4 levers of referral marketing

Statistics for A/B testing

Understand statistical hypothesis testing to execute efficient A/B tests and correctly interpret results.

significance and confidence intervals | sample size and statistical power | various types of tests

UX for marketers

Apply UX methodologies and a user-centric mindset to your marketing strategy.

wireframing | user research | information architecture | user journeys

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