CXL Live 2019. 3-Day Optimization & Experimentation Event. March 27-29 near Austin, TX


3-Day Optimization & Experimentation Event
March 27-29, Austin, TX

Grow faster by learning what works best

Connect with the very best in conversion optimization and experimentation, in a chill atmosphere. You’ll get a new way of looking at your business challenges, and ideas on how to tackle them.

You’ll laugh. You’ll high five. You’ll learn ridiculously useful skills.



Must-attend conference for people responsible for driving growth through optimization and experimentation.

Discussions delve deep into conversion optimization, online experimentation, digital psychology and analytics.

Join the elite behind-the-scenes growth discussions

  • – Full resort booked for the event, uninterrupted focus on conversion and growth 3 days
  • – All speakers are true practitioners, carefully selected and vouched for
  • – The very best people attend – folks you can learn a ton from

CXL Live
is an
event with
a magical

1. Renowned
environment for
building connections.

Everyone stays together for 3 days in a remote resort. Result – magic.

Secluded in the outskirts of the city, all attendees and speakers stay together, giving everyone the chance to get to know each other. Three community gourmet meals a day.

Forge relationships that will last with your peers – all among the best in the industry. By spending 3 days together with everyone, away from distractions, you forge relationships that last. Enjoy high quality networking, discussions, learning – and our great parties.

2. Best possible
teach their craft.

Learn from the people doing the absolute best work in their field. No motivational book-tour people, no sales pitches. Just actionable intel from hand-picked practitioners (and a sprinkle of inspiration). Model what the best are doing, and reap the rewards.

Get a chance to know the speakers one-on-one during the course of the event as they’ll be there throught the conference.

3. Your tickets includes
everything: 2 hotel
nights, meals, extra
fun day.

Just get yourself to Austin – we’ll take care of everything else:

  • Full access to the 3-day event
  • Transportation to and from the event
  • All meals during the event + all-day coffee & snacks
  • Pre-party, two parties at the conference and an after-party
  • Optional fun day kayaking after the conference

World Class
Speak at
CXL Live

Expert practitioners only.

We don’t have sponsored speakers nor people without regular hands-on experience.

Peep Laja

Founder of CXL Institute.

Lizzie Eardley

Senior Data Scientist at Skyscanner

Lukas Vermeer

Experiments at

Joanna Wiebe

Co-founder of Airstory and creator of Copy Hackers

Eric Allen

Director, Onsite Marketing at

Emily Robinson

Data Scientist at DataCamp

Nina Bayatti

Conversion Lead at ClassPass

Dan Begley-Groth

Head of Marketing Experimentation at Spotify

Chad Sanderson

Experimentation Platform Program Manger at Microsoft

Ton Wesseling

Founder of Online Dialogue

Will Critchlow

Founder and CEO at Distilled

Kelly Wortham

Director of Optimization at Search Discovery

Tammy Duggan-Herd, PhD

Director of Marketing at Campaign Creators

Els Aerts

Managing Partner at AGConsult

Brian Cugelman, PhD

Senior Behavioral Scientist at Alterspark

Judah Phillips

Data and Analytics Entrepreneur. Co-founder at VizaData.

Brennan Dunn

Co-Founder at RightMessage

Ryan Thomas

Senior Conversion Strategist at CXL

Michael Aagaard

Senior Conversion Optimizer, International Keynote Speaker & Public Speaking Coach


We’ll have a pre-conference workshop right before the conference starts, 9am on March 27th.

Workshops are a good match for you if you’re really serious about skill building
– they’re longer and go more in-depth than individual sessions at the conference.

Duration: 8 hrs (9am to 5pm). Lunch included
Cost: $400 per workshop

Conversion Research to Build More Winning Experiments

with CXL

Learn how to identify the problems with your website, so you can fix them and make more money.  If you want to increase your win rate and get more uplift per successful experiment, you can’t miss this workshop.

Heavy-Duty Information Organization Techniques for Seriously Messy Designs

with Abby Covert

Any large scale design sees entropy set in, as it becomes more of a mess with every new feature and data source. Confusion abounds and frustration emerges, as users do their best to navigate and complete their tasks, but serious house cleaning is in order.

User Experience Strategy Full-Day Masterclass

with Jaime Levy

UX is a practice that when done empirically is a better guarantee of a successful digital product than just crossing your fingers, designing some wireframes, and then writing a bunch of code. Take this masterclass to experience a deep dive into the subject matter with both lectures and hands-on exercises.

By past

We measure our success by attendee experience.
CXL Live goes out of its way to put on a good
show – world class talks, gourmet buffets for all meals,
all day coffee & soft drinks, great parties.

This is a single track conference. You get to see everyone.
Show compact agenda

Day 1 Wed, March 27

11:00 am

Registration open. Welcome coffee and tacos.

12:30 pm

Conference kick off

1:00 pm

Els Aerts – The Lost Art of Asking Questions.

World-class user research is the driver behind every successful optimization program. And when it comes to qualitative user research, that means getting up close and personal with your users. Talking to them. Asking them questions. The right timing, wording and tone of voice of your question can make all the difference. In this talk, Els helps you reconnect with this key element of qualitative research: the lost art of asking questions.

1:30 pm

Joanna Wiebe – Writing Mirrors: How to use the voice of the customer to write high-converting copy.

Your copy doesn’t sell a product – it creates a customer. Great idea, right? But how does that actually work in practice? In this talk, Joanna walks us step-by-step through how to turn VOC data from surveys, interviews and user tests into copy that your prospects will see themselves in.

2:00 pm

Brennan Dunn – How To Deliver Fully Personalized Experiences At Scale.

Who are your customers? What do they need from you? How can you give your visitors and customers a completely personalized experience? And what could this do for your conversions and sales?

In this session, you’ll learn how to automatically segment your audience using on-site and channel behavior, email engagement, and by using progressive surveying. We’ll talk about how to link your website to your ESP/CRM, and pull & push segmentation data that you can use to modify your site’s content in real-time. I’ll dig into the data and show you what content you should be focused on personalizing, and showcasing A/B tested results from other companies who have seen massive growth by better understanding their audience and tailoring their entire on-site experience.

2:30 pm


3:00 pm

Speaker TBD

3:30 pm

Speaker TBD

4:00 pm


4:30 pm

Tammy Duggan-Herd – Pitfalls of the Unaware: How the Misapplication of Psychology is Damaging Your Conversion Rates.

Digital marketers, growth hackers, and conversion optimization experts have been increasingly applying psychological principles of persuasion to produce higher converting marketing campaigns, websites and apps. And there is no shortage of advice from these web psychology “experts” on how you too can apply psychology to mimic their results. There is just one problem. It’s not that simple.

These principles can work in the right context, but unaware practitioners (those without practical or scholarly experience) often don’t understand the conditions that influence the effectiveness of these principles, how different principles combine and how their misapplication can actually backfire, triggering the opposite behavior they intended. While impossible to remove every single potential backfire, in this session I will help you graduate from unaware to aware in order to mitigate your risks.

5:00 pm

Brian Cugelman – Consumer psychology, dopamine, and conversion design.

In this session, Dr. Cugelman will take you through a series of simple visual models, covering some of the key ways that dopamine shapes consumer’s emotions and behavior. After covering the core science, Dr. Cugelman will take you on a journey through the most common conversion design elements, and teach you how to approach them with neuroscience-inspired creative strategies.

By the end of this session, you will have a better understanding of dopamine-driven emotional design strategies, awareness of common psychological backfires, and be equipped to approach your next conversion design gig with a completely new perspective.

5:30 pm

Drinks and outdoor games

7:00 pm

Dinner and chill outside

Our famous outdoor dinner with live music, followed by drinks and games.

10:00 pm

Indoor party. DJ and dancing.

Day 2 Thu, March 28

9:00 am


10:00 am

Lukas Vermeer – Democratizing online experiments at

At we have been conducting evidenced based product development using online experiments for more than ten years. Our methods and infrastructure were designed from their inception to reflect culture, that is, with democratization and decentralization of experimentation and decision making in mind.

In this talk, we explain how our approach has allowed such a large organization as to truly and successfully democratize experimentation.

10:30 am

Ryan Thomas – Lifting the Curtain on CRO “Magic”.

To the uninitiated, CRO can look like absolute magic. An optimizer walks in, proposes an idea for a test, and boom! 30% uplift. How do they do it? Like a real magician, the answer lies in what you don’t see. Ryan, Conversion Optimization Analyst at CXL will show you case studies of some of the most successful “tricks” in CRO and the methodical preparation that made each one possible.

11:00 am


11:30 am

Nina Bayatti – Was it really a winner? The down-funnel data you should be tracking.

What metrics are you tracking while testing — bounce rate, click-through rate, purchase conversions? In a recent test aimed to encourage ClassPass members to invite friends to join them at fitness classes, ClassPass tested incentivizing the invite-a-friend program. At a quick glance, the incentives appeared to work — share rate increased by 50% and trial acquisition CVR improved by 35%. But, the down-funnel data proved otherwise. In this session, learn which down-funnel data to consider to avoid cannibalizing potential growth.

12:00 pm

Eric Allen – Losing tests can be winners too. How to value and learn from a losing experiment.

Let’s face it, in experimentation there’s no such thing as batting 1.000. In fact, most experienced A/B testers know that a winning record is extremely hard to come by, especially as your program matures.

Some of these lessons can be expensive both monetarily and in opportunity cost. In this session we’ll explore some of the upsides of losing tests, including how to gain valuable insights from a loss and bring others around to the long-term benefits of losing.

12:30 pm


1:30 pm

Go outside and enjoy life. Outdoor activities, mingling.

2:30 pm

Ton Wesseling – The need for a validation center of excellence.

When you have lots of data on your existing product or service, it makes sense to focus on experimentation, and to even bring in AI to tweak to hell out of it. In this case you want to lower the risk in your choices, and build a thorough data-driven experimentation platform.

If you still need to find the product market fit, and you have hardly any data, you need to take more risks in testing your assumptions – but you still need to validate them. Everything in between is a matter of the balance between risk and truth – but all focused on maximizing that Overall Evaluation Criteria. You always want to have proper validation in your company – which is a cultural mindset. I’ll explain what you need as organization structure, people, platform, methods, decision making, scope and goals – stuff you can start working on now, regardless the size of your company.

3:00 pm

Lizzie Eardley – Chasing statistical ghosts in experimentation.

We all want to discover those successful changes that look as if they’ve had a significant positive impact on our metrics, but getting this wrong can lead you down an unprofitable path and end in wasted resources and effort. This talk will introduce some of the common pitfalls and mistakes optimizers make that can leave them thinking they’ve struck gold when really they are just chasing a ‘statistical ghost’ and pursuing an impact which does not exist.

3:30 pm

Emily Robinson – 10 Guidelines for A/B Testing

Online experimentation is the gold standard for measuring the effectiveness of changes to a website. But while A/B Testing can appear simple, there are a number of issues that can complicate an analysis. We’ll cover 10 best practices that will help you avoid common pitfalls, whether your company is just getting started with testing or you’ve had a system established for years.

4:00 pm


4:30 pm

Natasha Wahid – Evangelizing experimentation internally with strategic communication.

5:00 pm

Kelly Wortham – Aligning Optimization Programs with Business Objectives to Gain Executive Buy-in

A deep-dive into the importance of executive buy-in and alignment, and how we get there.

1. Start with the business objective (problem or goal)

2. Align optimization program goals to that objective

3. Design measurement framework for each test or series of tests that rolls up to program goal

5:30 pm

Outdoor chill.

Networking and drinks while playing outdoor games.

7:00 pm

Dinner and Chill Outside

Our famous outdoor dinner with live music, followed by drinks and games.

10:00 pm

Indoor Party. DJ and dancing.

Day 3 Fri, March 29

9:00 am


10:00 am

Dan Begley-Groth – Measuring Brand Marketing’s Impact on Business Metrics.

A case study on how Spotify measures its incremental return on Brand/Above the Line/OOH marketing, and how brand metrics (awareness, consideration) correspond to business metrics (MAU).

10:30 am

Will Critchlow – What if your winning CRO tests are screwing up your search traffic? Or your SEO changes are wrecking your conversion rate?

While CRO A/B testing is well established, SEO A/B testing is fairly new. Over the last few years, the Distilled team has run hundreds of SEO split-test experiments across dozens of sites, and we have learned a lot. Often we have found CRO teams and SEO teams working independently to optimize different halves of the same funnel, which means missed opportunities.

We have recently started running ‘full funnel’ tests, that allow us to run a single test measuring impact on search traffic and conversion rate. In this session, you will learn about SEO A/B testing, discover some interesting results from those tests, and hear about some preliminary results from the new full funnel methodology.

11:00 am


11:30 am

Judah Phillips – How I Learned to Stop Worrying about ML and Love the AI.

Let’s learn how to think like a data scientist and frame conversion data in a way that enables you – the business person – to train and build models use supervised machine learning. Some call this AI. In the CRO field where lots of the intelligence might be artificial, let’s learn new ways to take your optimization to the next level.

We will explore anonymized, real-world CRO use cases that benefit from supervised ML. We will avoid esoteric BS and heightened science-y diction few truly understand (but I will say “gradient boosting” and “deep learning” more than once). Instead we’ll concentrate on how to actually apply ML in business, the model classes that are important, and the model types that are useful specific to marketing optimization – in order to make more money as an entrepreneur or business leader and even impress your boss as a practitioner.

12:00 pm

Chad Sanderson – Aligning Experimentation Across Product Development and Marketing.

While A/B testing has traditionally been positioned as a marketing-first service, engineering, product, and data science teams have increasingly taken on a larger role in designing, delivering, and analyzing experiments.

Often times these teams can have different mindsets, different goals, and different internal cultures. This presentation will discuss the upsides and downsides to both styles of experimentation, as well as methods to unite any sized business behind a unified testing goal.

12:30 pm

Goodbye! Last lunch and chats with friends.

7:00 pm

After party in downtown Austin. Drinks and fun with your new and old friends.

Day 4 Sat, March 31
Optional Fun Day

10:00 am

Kayaking on Austin town lake, followed by drinks!

CXL Live 2019

3-day Growth & Conversion
Optimization Event —

March 27-29 near Austin, TX

Come for the content that will make a difference for your business. Stay for the connections and fun.

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& Venue

CXL Live 2019 is held at the beautiful Horseshoe Bay Resort, just outside of Austin, TX.

The picture-perfect Texas Hill Country scenery inspires you to unwind and connect to other people.  It’s secluded and private, perfect for quality discussions and building relationships. Also – it’s late March in Texas – expect great weather.

Transportation to and from the airport or downtown included. If you have to arrive later / leave earlier, transportation can be arranged.


CXL LIVE is a True “All inclusive” Conference.

Full access to the 3-day event

All meals during the event + all-day coffee & snacks

Two great parties with your peers

Pre-party and after party

Optional fun day after the conference

So just get your conference ticket, get yourself to Austin, and we’ll take care of everything else



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