CXL Live 2019. 3-Day Optimization & Experimentation Event. March 27-29 near Austin, TX


3-Day Optimization & Experimentation Event
March 27-29 near Austin, TX

Grow faster by learning what works best

CXL Live brings together the best in conversion optimization and experimentation, in a chill atmosphere. You’ll get a new way of looking at your business challenges, and tons of ideas for what to do.

You’ll laugh. You’ll high five. You’ll learn ridiculously useful skills.



Must-attend conference for people responsible for driving growth through optimization and experimentation.

The discussions will go deep in conversion optimization, online experimentation, digital psychology and analytics.

Be part of the elite behind the scenes growth discussions

  • – Full resort booked for the event, everyone stays together for 3 days
  • – All speakers are true practitioners, carefully selected and vouched for
  • – The very best people attend – folks you can learn a ton from

CXL Live
is an
event with
a magical

1. Near-magical
environment for
making connections.

Everyone stays together for 3 days in a remote resort. Result – magic.

The event takes place in the outskirts of the city, away from distractions. All attendees and speakers stay in the same place, nobody leaves. All meals (rich buffets) are shared together. The whole group stays as one.

This facilitates quality conversations and helps you form bonds for life with all your peers. By spending 3 days together with everyone, away from distractions, you forge relationships that last. The outcome is high quality networking, discussions, learning. And great parties.

2. Best possible
teach their craft.

You can learn from the people who do the absolute best work in their field. All of our speakers are hand-picked practitioners, no motivational book-tour people, no sales pitches. It’s a lot of how-to with a sprinkle of inspiration. Model what the best are doing, and reap the rewards.

Speakers stick around for the full 3 days, so you can pin them down for a 1:1 session.

3. Your tickets includes
everything: 2 hotel
nights, meals, extra
fun day.

You just get yourself to Austin – your ticket includes everything else:

  • Full access to the 3-day event
  • Transportation to and from the event
  • All meals during the event + all-day coffee & snacks
  • Pre-party, two parties at the conference and an after-party
  • Optional fun day kayaking on town lake with your peers after the conference

World Class
Speak at
CXL Live

Expert practitioners only.

We don’t have sponsored speakers nor people without regular hands-on experience.

Peep Laja

Founder of CXL Institute.

Lizzie Eardley

Senior Data Scientist at Skyscanner

Lukas Vermeer

Experiments at

Joanna Wiebe

Co-founder of Airstory and creator of Copy Hackers

Eric Allen

Director, Onsite Marketing at

Nina Bayatti

Conversion Lead at ClassPass

Emily Robinson

Data Scientist at DataCamp

Chad Sanderson

Senior Experimentation Product Manager at SEPHORA

Ton Wesseling

Founder of Online Dialogue

Will Critchlow

Founder and CEO at Distilled

Dr. Tammy Duggan-Herd, PhD

Marketing Manager at Campaign Creators

Michael Aagaard

Senior Conversion Optimizer, International Keynote Speaker & Public Speaking Coach


We’ll have a pre-conference workshop right before the conference starts, 9am on March 27th.

Workshops are a good match for you if you’re really serious about skill building
– they’re longer and go more in-depth than individual sessions at the conference.

Duration: 8 hrs (9am to 5pm). Lunch included
Cost: $400 per workshop

Conversion Research to Build More Winning Experiments

with CXL

Learn how to identify the problems with your website, so you can fix them and make more money.  If you want to increase your win rate and get more uplift per successful experiment, you can’t miss this workshop.

Heavy-Duty Information Organization Techniques for Seriously Messy Designs

with Abby Covert

Any large scale design sees entropy set in, as it becomes more of a mess with every new feature and data source. Confusion abounds and frustration emerges, as users do their best to navigate and complete their tasks, but serious house cleaning is in order.

User Experience Strategy Full-Day Masterclass

with Jaime Levy

UX is a practice that when done empirically is a better guarantee of a successful digital product than just crossing your fingers, designing some wireframes, and then writing a bunch of code. Take this masterclass to experience a deep dive into the subject matter with both lectures and hands-on exercises.

By past

We measure our success by attendee experience.
CXL Live goes out of its way to put on a good
show – world class talks, rich buffets for all meals,
all day coffee & soft drinks, great parties.


This is a single track conference. You get to see everyone.
Show compact agenda

Day 1 Wed, March 28
Growth Day

11:00 am

Registration open. Welcome coffee and tacos.

1:00 pm

Registration open. Welcome coffee and tacos.Bryan Eisenberg – Saying Goodbye to the Buy Button

Marketers always adapt. Television forced adjustments from sound alone to moving images on a screen. Personal computing birthed an adaptation of an interactive screen. Mobile computing coerced cramming that interaction onto a smaller screen while on the go.

Now, we are about to move from any screen to none. How do we adapt? Siri, Google Home, Amazon’s Alexa and IBM’s Watson are in the early days of conversational UX . AI assistants and robots are also beginning to play a meaningful role in our lives.

Will AR and gestures change the way we shop? What happens as more and more of these interactions influence our buying behavior? How do we develop a plan to keep up with these rapid changes?

& Venue

CXL Live 2019 is held at the beautiful Horseshoe Bay Resort, just outside of Austin, TX.

The picture-perfect Texas Hill Country scenery inspires you to unwind and connect to other people.  It’s secluded and private, perfect for quality discussions and building relationships. Also – it’s late March in Texas – expect the best possible weather.

If you’re coming from out of town (most are!), then you just have to make your way to Austin, we’ll take care of you from there on.

We’re taking all the attendees there by bus (pick up from downtown Austin and airport), and back to Austin once we’re done. If you have to arrive later / leave earlier, transportation can be arranged.


CXL LIVE is a True “All inclusive” Conference.

Full access to the 3-day event

All meals during the event + all-day coffee & snacks

Two great parties with your peers

Pre-party and after party

Optional fun day after the conference

So just get your conference ticket, get yourself to Austin, and we’ll take care of everything else



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