Business Email: Don’t use a “NOREPLY” Address

Have you ever received an email from a “[email protected]” address? Of course, you have! This is a “standard practice” that many companies do that removes the human element from your emails. Do you want your customers to open and engage with your emails? Don’t be a robot. In this video, I give you an easy step to make your emails more human.


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Your company is sending emails. But what should the sender name be, on those emails? (rock music) Whatever you do, at least don’t send emails out of a @noreply email. So you’re sending emails to me, but I cannot send emails to you? That doesn’t kind of jive. And essentially you need to be customer-centric right? So it’s, you want people to respond, you want engagement. So it’s like yes reply would a better one. But of course don’t put like, machine names into the sender, sender names and emails. Use a human name. Who is actually sending out this email? Is it Linda? Is it Suzy? Is it you? Whatever your name is. Make it come from you. So let’s say your name is Linda, and I’m subscribing to your newsletter. And then you quit and move on, and Robert takes over, and Robert starts sending emails. I don’t know who Robert is, so when I see an email from Robert, I’m like who the hell is this guy? I’m gonna unsubscribe. I’m gonna hit spam. So people change, that’s normal. People will you know, do stuff. So, and you are a company. So, the better way to do this, while still keeping a human face to emails, is to send from John at this company, or you know, Pep from CXL sends emails. Or if you know, my colleague Wade sends emails, then it’s [email protected] So we always know, ah, this is this company, it’s just somebody else. So be a human, don’t use no reply, and don’t use robots. (rock music)

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Business Email: Don’t use a “NOREPLY” Address