Job Search: What Job Should You Take? (Not an Easy One)

Do you want to maximize your growth potential? If you are looking for a new job, do you know which job you should take? Definitely, not the easy one. In this video, I give you my reasons why you should not take the next “easy job” and what to look for during your job search.


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You’re trying to find a job. But what kind of a job should you take? (upbeat music) When deciding on this job or this other job, you have all these opportunities in front of you, which path should you go for? I think you should choose a job that gives you the most responsibility because that means growth. Jump in somewhere where the work is hard, where it’s complicated, maybe you don’t even know what you’re really doing. I mean you need to have some base level skills, but a place where you can really push yourself and grow. Because you don’t want to go to a place where it’s gonna be easy. You’re not gonna grow, you’re gonna be stuck in that easy job for a long, long, long time. So you want a lot of responsibility, freedom to do stuff, to try, you know, a culture of experimentation. If that is a place where you can try out things and you don’t get burned for failing at some experiments. Especially, when you are young, especially, when you don’t have kids to feed and so on where you can take risks. You know, sure we all care about money. But, value the experience, the growth, the responsibility you can get more than anything else.

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Job Search: What Job Should You Take? (Not an Easy One)