Growth doesn’t come copying your competitors

Will copying market leaders best practices grow your business? NO! You must apply best practices, design, copy, etc that are suited for your business to get real results. In this episode, Peep discusses why you shouldn’t rip off companies like Amazon and expect growth in your business.

Should you copy market leaders? Companies that are doing really really well should just copy what they're doing?

The answer is no you shouldn't!
So let's think about Amazon. So Amazon is doing pretty fine right? Conversion rate for Amazon Prime subscribers is 74 percent.

So e-commerce conversion rates so 74 percent of people who go
on Amazon Prime members will log in end up buying something that is insane. Right. So what is your conversion rate? Let's imagine it's 5 percent. So then Amazon's conversion rate is 15 times better than your conversion rate. So does that mean that Amazon's design is 15 times better than

your design or their copy on their website is 15 times better
than your copy? No. So if you just go and rip off their design their copy and

expect that you'll you'll now get Amazon style results you´r
naive. It doesn't work like that and it's the same thing with any competitor. You built the live chat software. Oh we just going to copy what income is doing just fine. We'll do the same doodles and ta-ta-ta... No that is not how the world works because what goes into somebody's success is there are so many other variables too like what Amazon has done since the 90s and that their brand and their relationship with their customers and like anybody was bought from Amazon before has had you know how many great experiences and there is just so much that goes into building a

successful company be it Amazon or intercom or you know whatever
it may be. And you just can't copy that by copying the super superficial elements from the website.

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Growth doesn’t come copying your competitors