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Are you having issues with your manager? What do you do when your manager just doesn’t get it and it’s difficult to get work done? Value your craft and yourself, don’t work for a manager that forces you to do your job wrong.

Learn what you should do if your manager pushes back. Stand up for yourself and what you believe in. Do quality work for quality people.

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How do you make introductions with influencers, the right way? Be sincere, be specific, and don’t just ask them “to go for a cup of coffee.” Be successful in your following business meetings, start by introducing yourself the right way!

Each business has its own level of difficulty. Do you know what to do when things are no longer working? How can you prepare yourself when the time comes to close up shop? Be ready for your next business idea.

You need business experience? Where should you work to get the best experience? Work for an agency! Working for an agency will allow you to view many business situations from the backend.

Do you want to make your website better? There are many ways to optimize a landing page for higher conversions. One method is to perform an expert reviews to understand what you should change. Watch my step-by-step framework.

On this episode of The Pe:p Show, conversion optimization champion Peep Laja breaks down how you can improve landing page conversions with expert reviews and heuristic analysis.