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Do you want to get better at your work? Are you even trying? Putting in the work and meeting with mentors will get you far, but dedicated time for learning WEEKLY will increase your chances significantly.

- How much time are you spending every single week trying to get better? (intense rock music)

If you're not trying to get better,
the odds are you're not really getting better. Of course, you're getting better at your work by just doing it. Maybe you have a great colleague that is coaching you or maybe you have a mentor. Maybe you have other things going on. But I guarantee you, if you consciously schedule time for learning every single week, you will just grow so much faster. You will learn faster, you will become more skilled and hence more valuable, you will make more money, you will become more attractive for your employer or future employers, all that good stuff.

The problem is, when you look at your weekly to-do list,
you know think about what you're gonna do this week, what you did last week, how often is learning on your to-do list? Probably never, right? And it's the first thing to go as soon as things get hectic, which again, is short sighted. Because basically you stop investing in the future. We're so busy driving we have no time to put fuel in our car. But the fuel of knowledge fuels your career right? So what I recommend is that you budget two hours, two hours is what I see is the most common around individuals that grow really fast.

Two hours a week, you schedule, put it on your calendar,
let's say Friday afternoon after you eat that big juicy burger and you can't do any work anyway, so from let's say one to three PM, you just learn. You read a book, you watch a video course, whatever ways there are, you listen to a podcast.

If your boss is like hey what are you
wasting your time for? Do some work, send some emails. It's like well wouldn't you want me to get better at what I do and then hence, be more valuable person for the company? I think everybody in their company should do at least two hours a week. Imagine what will happen to the results of your company or your marketing team if every single person on your team would dedicate two hours a week to learning? So everybody collective is getting better and better and better.

Over the course of a year,
and a year is a really short time, if you consider a 28, 30 year career, in one year you can exponentially increase your hard skills, your knowledge. Also soft skills, you know whatever you need to. So dedicate your time to learning, put it on the calendar and see what happens. (intense rock music)

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