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Internal Promotions vs Third-Party Banner Advertisements [Original Research]

We were asked recently about the effects of using internal promotions (e.g., a discounted product sold within the site) vs. third-party (from an outside business) banner advertising on web site clarity and visitor perceptions.

Our first study used the five-second test to examine whether ads on website homepages distract visitors from understanding a site’s purpose. This follow-up study looks for differences in user perceptions between ad types: internal promotions versus third-party ads.

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How Distracting are Banner Advertisements on Home Pages? A Case Study

We were recently asked about the effects of ads on website clarity and visitor perceptions.

So we conducted a study through ConversionXL Institute that explores ad distraction by looking at the effects of banner ads on message communication, performing five-second tests on the same site with increasing numbers of ads.

A follow-up test will look for differences in user perceptions in a case study between internal promotions vs. third-party advertisements.

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