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Improving Mobile UX to Boost Conversions 24.5% [Case Study]

You know that a good user experience leads to more conversions. You also know there’s always room for improvement, and you’re never done optimizing. There are always areas of opportunity.

One of the biggest areas of opportunity, for most companies at this point in time, is mobile optimization. How is it different and how can you improve the mobile user experience?

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How Creating a Sense of Urgency Helped Me Increase Sales By 332%

In 2012, I launched a kind of ‘Groupon deal for musicians’, where I gave away $1,250 worth of products, including recording time, iTunes distribution, and a guitar string endorsement deal for just $69 for 100 hours only. There were only 5,000 packages available.

I had invested a lot into this campaign. Not only had I spent four months putting the campaign together, but I had also put a significant amount of my personal savings into ensuring that this campaign was everywhere during those 100 hours. Keep reading »