Getting Started with CXL Institute

Getting Started with CXL Institute

New to CXL Institute? Get a full tour of our courses and programs and learn how to create an effective, profitable team of highly-skilled marketers.

Winning organizations need highly capable people. Assign each person on your team 1 course per month for a year – based on their role and goals. See their effectiveness double or better.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • All about the CXL Institute, our classes and programs
  • A background of our learning methodology and why our training works.
  • Get any of your questions answered

The webinar will last about 45 minutes. Have questions? Send them in the webinar chat or join our CXL Facebook group here. It’s a place for discussions about marketing, growth and optimization.

About Jesan Barnes-Kaushik

Jesan is a Jill of all trades with backgrounds in music, sales, and marketing. From the Midwest, she’s traveled the world and has met passionate people from all over the globe. This passion has enveloped her as she works with companies to find the best way to upskill marketers. Jesan finds sheer joy in helping improve employee productivity.