What you’re missing out on in your MarTech tool stack

Optimize your marketing tech stack.  The key to growth is changing your stack.

In this webinar, you will learn…

  • Identify if a tool is right for you
  • Analyze your stack to identify what’s missing 
  • Use automation to increase conversions
  • Identify your most valuable prospects in the funnel
  • Prove to your boss that your efforts and tools are working

Learn the ultimate stack that converts more

Martech tool stack

As tech advances, it’s difficult to know which tech stack pivots are the right ones to make. You could be in the midst of a stackapocalypse if you add or remove the wrong tool.

Marketing automation strategy

Your strategy is used as a way to deliver personalized messages to the right people before, during, and after they’ve converted into a customer. So getting this right need to be your focus today, not next year.

Analytics & personalization

Dan will walk you through how to string up the tools, some of the hacks used to improve personalization and also how to report on your marketing like a boss.

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About Dan McGaw

Dan is a seasoned growth marketing and analytics veteran with a passion and talent for helping companies extract and interpret the right data to grow their businesses. He is currently the CEO and Founder of Effin Amazing, an analytics and marketing stack agency specialized in using data and analytics tools to increase mid-funnel and bottom-funnel conversion rates. He is also the CEO and Founder of utm.io, a leading tool in helping brands track the marketing campaigns with UTMs.

Dan previously served as the Head of Marketing as Kissmetrics, where he oversaw marketing strategy for the brand. He’s also spent time as a mentor at 500 Startups and works as a CMO consultant for a number of high growth companies.

He does the implementation, ongoing professional support, and data analysis for a variety of clients. By leveraging your customer and product data, he extracts insights that will grow your business exponentially.