Food, Fears, and Growth: How to Sell It to the Brain


Most online marketers apply consumer psychology superficially – like a tactic that you can just copy and paste. But the human brain is too complex. Learn basic principles of neuroscience and how to use neuromarketing knowledge to bring your optimization program to the next level with industry specialist André Morys. It all starts with customer experience.

This is just a preview of what you can learn from André’s CXL Institute course. Take the Applied Neuromarketing Course.

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About André Morys

André has been an optimizer for more than 20 years and has been sharing his passion for optimization with others for nearly 10 years as an international keynote speaker, blogger, and author. André is the co-founder of the Global Optimization Group, a network of leading optimization agencies across the world. He is also a university lecturer and recently received an award as Germany’s Best Employer out of hundreds of participants. His own company konversionsKRAFT employs 75 conversion specialists and is regarded as one of the biggest CRO consultancies worldwide.