Hitting The Retention Easy Button: Lifecycle Emails

Customer retention is about more than tracking data and pushing features. How can you engage and connect with your customers early on so they stick around? With lifecycle emails you can guide your new customers on their journey to discovering exactly why they chose you… and why they should convert to a paying customer long term.

Since your customers are human beings, it makes sense to think through how you’ll communicate with them once they sign up. Customer lifecycle emails help your customers understand that they’ll be able to solve their problems with your product. These emails move them from casual browser on a free trial to a paid customer who refers their friends to your platform. They’re powerful if they’re done right. And it just so happens Val has the formula and will share it with you in this webinar.

This is just a preview of what you can learn from Val Geislers’s customer retention course.

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In this webinar, you will learn…

  • What emails are essential in a customer lifecycle sequence
  • How to apply data you’ve collected to your emails
  • When to send emails for the greatest impact

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About Val Geisler

Val Geisler is an email marketing strategist obsessed with customer experience. From in-house to consulting, Val has worked with businesses ranging from 700 customers to 70,000 customers and there’s one tie that binds them all: customers are people. Val brings a love of data and an intense curiosity about the human experience to growing software companies every day.