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  1. Stark Jensen

    Awesome mate… just wondering what think about those users who use their left hands for controlling the mouse .. do these tricks also prove correct for them .. or a little changes is needed??

  2. Fred Showker

    Bravo . . . good piece. I was presenting most of these concepts in my national seminars for graphic design and web design from 1988 through 1995 for Dynamic Graphics . . . the reader eye-flow is the most important, and I’ve since performed design critiques to hundreds of web owners sites that violate the concepts, but don’t understand they did it, and don’t understand why they should have done it. Web designers aren’t necessarily designers. It’s just a name that’s been tagged onto the term.

    But this is a good piece. We’ll pass it along in our site.


  3. SEO in Philippines

    Thanks. I’m explaining to my client why his logo should be at the upper left corner of his website.

  4. Michael

    Thank you Peep. Found lots to study in this post.

    Could you clarify #10: “They spent an average of 180 milliseconds focusing, or ‘fixating,’ on one particular section before moving on”, but then states that about 6 seconds is spent on the logo (that seems very long) and in that neighborhood for many of the other bullet points.

  5. دکوراسیون منزل

    its so usefull to me , thanks alot

  6. سیم کارت

    so nice and amazing article !

  7. Roberta

    Now provide that wasn’t so hard in a specific Twitter account.
    Because your home because you are paying attention to what to look
    for can do the work and supervising.

  8. 7th Media Web Design Philippines

    Website design matters. People are somehow attracted to websites that have beautiful design, simple functionality, and loads fast.

  9. Jim Branden, PMP

    Sir Laja, thank you for a very informative post. I realize my question does not pertain to viewing websites. How do you suggest writing detailed instructions for students for an online assignment requiring six to ten steps? I have tried: #1-four-page detailed instructions including screen captures for each step, #2-page-and-a-half summary without illustrations and #3-video screen capture of me working a similar assignment. My international grad-students don’t like any of them. What should I do? (Maybe they just don’t like earning credits by experiential learning!) Thanks for the feedback, Jim

    1. Peep Laja Peep Laja

      Hey Jim
      Without knowing more (what exactly they dont like) it’s impossible to say. First figure out what the exact problem is and how they would like to consume the content, then go about figuring out a solution.

  10. طراحی سایت اصفهان

    just wondering what think about those users who use their left hands for controlling the mouse

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