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  1. Peter doesn’t look mobile optimized on my phone.

    1. Peep Laja Peep Laja

      Hey Peter! Indeed it’s not right now. In the process!

  2. Mario

    Hey Peep,
    Great post and LOVE your harsh tone ;)
    Reading your posts has become somewhat a ritual with us. Always full of excellent and very usable information. We’re finishing our site based on your blog posts. You helped us once and we wont forget it :)


    p.s. I’m a shamed of how it looks now, it will be 180° when its done.

  3. Simon

    Very entertaining post Peep! I just love these bad examples! :)

  4. Campbell Macdonald (@cambel)


    Like your comment on stock photos. I’ve wrestled with this. What are your methods for handling? Take your own photos?


    1. Peep Laja Peep Laja

      – Always use your own staff when showing people about your company
      – Get a pro photographer and have photo shoot
      – Look harder for non-cheesy stock photos

  5. Christopher

    This sheds some light on things for me. I have one landing page that consistently converts over 70%, but the rest of them don’t come in anywhere near that. Visually, some of them only differ slightly but the conversions are a night and day difference. So naturally, I always go to my big shooter landing page now. But all these tips should help me identify the little issues on the others that are having a big negative impact, so I can get my conversions up across the board. Thank you Peep!

  6. Thanks for writing! I always read, and get some great insights. It really does mean a lot.

    A lot of your posts are directed towards web-apps/start ups, any plans to write about online retail? I’d love to read your insights.

  7. Herrin Larkan

    Tell us what you really think! LOL.

    But seriously, all the points here are backed up with solid research and evidence.

    When the focus shifts to conversion the whole game changes. So much of it is psychology and understanding your specific demographic.

    Users crave control, clear communication, and stability so that they can quickly decide if something is for them and what they should do now.

    Unless the design and copy facilitates this process it’s just window dressing.

    Great article and one I will have to come back to for sure.

  8. Marco

    Just wanted to say that I loved this post with the many examples and maybe you could turn this into a series or at least add a follow-up post with other examples at some point of time?

  9. Seems like all you did was bash existing landing pages… how about some examples of good ones too?

    1. Peep Laja Peep Laja

      The post was called “21 ways you’re screwing up” – so yes, I focused on mistakes here. I’m usually only showing good case studies.

  10. @eh there’s more posts on good CRO here than you can shake a stick at!!

  11. Barry

    Good pointers all the way through, although it would have been helpful to have a ‘”what about this” or a “try this instead” comment.

  12. Converian

    Nice one Peep. When it comes to this, everything should be minimalistic. Keep it simple, clean and clear.

  13. Christopher

    I can’t stand the thought of lost business and missed customer opportunities, so I’m always trying to improve conversions. And I’ve recently read a few test results where just one or two very subtle adjustments (that I never would have thought of myself) immediately resulted in a tremendous increase in conversions and sales. It really opened my eyes so I’m always on the lookout for solid tips and advice like this. Thanks Peep!

  14. Great article, especially agree with you about calls to action. Too often overlooked and easily one of the most important conversion factors. WebRTC will have an interesting impact on CTAs in the near future, i.e. click to call services or click to video chat, etc…

  15. April

    Like, Tweet, G+, EverNote, PDF, print and TAPED it to my office wall.

    So tired of the usual weak “x things wrong and what to do” … but this! This is MEATY.

    Much appreciation it. Love your entire website and all it stands for.

  16. Vinay

    Thank you so much Peep…. It seems i have read the article at the right moment (when i was about to pull my hair off :p).

    Appreciate your work. Keep them coming :)

  17. Taylor Dean

    very well written. love how the ideas are executed and explained. thanks for sharing!

  18. Tom Phillips

    Love it. You don’t pull your punches at all. Refreshing article. Will try and stop using the exclamation marks! ( 9 left now)

  19. Jon Chang

    Late to the reply game on this. While a useful article, I found your bashing of these websites a real low blow. It’s very easy to make fun of other people at their expense. You completely went to town, but it was unfair and quite nasty.

    It’s obvious that these websites don’t know any better – but just because they don’t (or might not be aware they need help) doesn’t mean they deserve your mean-spiritedness.

    “Looks like vomit”? How is this constructive?

  20. Isaiah Jackson

    Okay, so after reading this it looks like the only thing I can really improve on is copy.

    However, I just realized something while reading this too, a lot of those landing pages could use some work, basically just gave us marketers some clients :)

    Anyways still great post love the way it was written.

    My favorite “Translation: Looks like crap” lol too funny but true

    Now to correct my mistake

    Isaiah Jackson

  21. The information is excellent. However, as a writer, I strongly disagree with your negative approach. You frame everything in the negative instead of the positive. As I was taking notes, I found myself re-writing in Shoulds or Musts instead of Don’ts. I would recommend you re-write the site in the positives and compare how users react. My personal opinion is I found myself intensely not wanting to finish reading because of the negative approach. You have a lot of valuable information but it gets lost in the approach.

  22. Rohan

    Okay so i get their all crap but that doesn’t help me. Examples of what to do right would be far more beneficial.

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