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  1. James Farmer

    Epic post Peep! Lots of good principles to be reminded of.

    1. Yasin Aydin

      This is a fantastic article, I’m a content marketer but can take a lot from here for the world of content marketing too.

      Have shared with my org’s Creative Director!

    2. Sandy

      I agree, this is indeed an epic one. Took me an hour to read it with all the extra resources. Amazing.

    3. Yox the Professor

      EPIC is the word.

      Working on the new at the moment and this has definitely got me thinking of redoing some elements.

      Thanks a lot

  2. Yamile Yemoonyah

    wow, that was a really interesting read and i learned a ton. Thanks!

  3. Engin

    Peep, I’m with you when you say clarity, but my web observations are very mixed up when it comes to sales page design- especially one-page designs. My general observation is the exact opposite of any given Apple page or modern simplistic focus page: generally, there is a horde of information-arguments-testimonials-pictures with a buy button in every 900px vertically. Also, these days, the page starts with a video with no visible control buttons.

    I think the reason is inconfidence for the product and fear of the non-returning visitor: the product is not unique and probably not the best choice in its price range and as it is not so important for the visitor, he/she may never return.

    Their solution is confusing the visitor by throwing more than necessary info to disturb his/her thinking. This is accompanied by a pseudo-urgency thanks to some time limited offer. And, again, I see a lot of these.

    What’s your take on this? It’s right/wrong? Why is it so widely used?

    1. steve wasiura

      Agreed! Thank you for this excellent article that gives us the reasons behind what is currently working. It’s like glow-in-the-dark footprints!

  4. Kiran

    Good once Peep! Very nice and lots and lots of information. Thanks!

  5. Slavko Desik

    This is one of the most useful sites to start-ups and online marketers! And I’ve seen a lot. I notice things here (in not only this article) that I was doing for a long time, but never gave much thought. It is way more fun when you approach things analytically like this :)

    1. Peep Laja Peep Laja

      Indeed – it’s fun when you can spot the techniques being used – and they work even when you know what’s happening!

  6. giovanni

    Very good post.. useful and amusing too for the stories and the way to tell them. You could have create 10 post out of this one… BTW… well done.

    1. Peep Laja Peep Laja

      Indeed, Giovanni! But long, thorough posts is my style :)

  7. Chris

    Thanks Peep,
    A huge amount there to take on board !!

  8. EPIC!

    I never ever leave a comment but after this post I just had to. Otherwise It would feel like steeling. :)

    You know whats funny? Peep IS an expert.
    I see a lot of other “experts” who sell crap and get more attention.

    Peep 4 president! :)

    @Peep: what other blogs would you recommend that write really quality stuff WITH EXAMPLES? I read that guy is also really good.

    1. Peep Laja Peep Laja

      Thanks! Yeah, Michael from ContentVerve produces great stuff. I also like Unbounce blog, MarketingExperiments blog and CRE blog a lot to name a few.

  9. Rob Young

    I’m a bit tired of the whole write epic shit train, but bloody hell, if anything was epic, that was. I am compelled to comment.

    Hats off peep, excellent post which I know I will revisit many times.

    Thank you.

  10. David Frey –

    Perhaps the best web design article ever written.

    It’s interested that some designers still don’t undertand the power of simplicity and designing to get the “next step.” Ken Evoy wrote about this design element in his book, “Make Your Site SELL” back in 1999. He called it, designing for your “Most Wanted Response.”

    It seems that in just the past couple years have some of the newer websites been adopting this design strategy.

    Thank you for encouraging us and writing this amazing piece of education.

  11. Loved the post and the comments. I think you have a great book in the future. Thanks and have a great week

  12. Michal

    This post was absolutely epic! :) Very practical information… Thanks!

  13. Stanley Tan

    Peep, your articles never fail to amaze me & your interview at as well :)

  14. Sally Mayor

    Thanks so much for a BRILLIANT article. There’s so much useful information I’ll be re-reading it several times.
    Thank you!

  15. David Picciuto

    Great article! I don’t like to use “epic” very often but yeah, EPIC!

  16. sebastian

    You sir cannot stop overdelivering, my god

  17. Nikki Lindsey

    Thank you so much! This was amazing! I love how you included examples of what works and what doesn’t and then told us why. This was extremely informative. I look forward to reading more of your work. Thanks again!

  18. Ram Shengale

    Wow Peep, this is huge! So much great info that I was not able to skim. Loved all your tips.


  19. Rusty Eddy

    Holly Crap, I’m stressing out because my website sucks!!! Believe me, I’ve bookmarked this post and whipping out my thinking cap and html editor. I have lot’s of work to do :)

    Great stuff Peep, thanks a ton!

  20. Great post as always Peep…
    Keep them coming.. and ya big congratulations on ur book.. i read it and its totally amazing..
    Thanks again..

  21. Nuno Rodrigues

    Very condensed helpful information! Great job! Bookmarked!
    Maybe it just me…but i would pick the copywriting image to the left lol

    1. I think that’s what he was saying.

  22. Robo Hendrickson

    Peep. Damn you’re good. I appreciate the time, energy and insight you bring to your information. I never post a reply but just wanted you to know. Robo

  23. Nataly

    So much information but effortless to read as it’s so well written. Fantastic job!

  24. Buck Joffrey

    Really excited to see your results on my brick and mortar business Peep! You are providing some serious ninja stuff for people. Thanks.

  25. Michael

    Very interesting article. I definitely agree with people not changing defaults-it drives me crazy when I find a car stereo set on the crummy defaults (or buy my wife a kick-ass flat screen TV with all the bells and whistles, and she watches it set to all the defaults, just for example ;-) )
    Thanks for the time & effort of writing this up!

  26. Tino Cordes

    Very interesting! Looking forward to apply this on future websites :-)

  27. Hey Peep!

    Great post.

    You suggest avoiding superlatives. But what if you really are the best?

    For example, on their home page (#7 on Inc. 5000 list) claims “AdRoll is the most effective retargeting platform in the world.”

    If this is true, do you think it’s in their best interest (sales/conversions) to say it?

    1. Peep Laja Peep Laja

      Best according to whom? The business owner? Not very credible :) Best according to Forbes magazine? Then say so!

      If you claim a superlative, back it up with proof.

  28. yassin

    ” Someone I know once commented “I regularly go to Airbnb to look at the photos and dream of travelling“. Goal achieved! ”

    WOW……That’s so powerful for a business to achieve !

    Amazing post, Tons of insights & actionable advice like always. The “secret”lies in taking action on it and putting it to test.


    great post peep. god bless you.

    Make your day great

  29. Michael Spencer

    One of the best articles I have read for years. Reminded me of some stuff I had forgotten and told me stuff I didn’t know. Definitely going to come back for more.

  30. graham baldwin

    This article is like an oasis in the desert of opinions and confusion. Thank you.

  31. Sumeet Gupta

    First time i visit your blog and really like your writing style normally i read “search engine watch” ” A List Apart” and neil patel blog to update my skills , i think i also need to bookmark your web-blog. Anyways come to the point, the main factor is visual appeal because first impression decides customers mind.

  32. bogdan livinti

    Great post Peep,
    “British researchers analyzed ” returned 404 error.

  33. Awesome post!

    Only disagreed with one point. We have a huge proportion of traffic head over to our “Who We Are” page, (which has no increased visual hierarchy). The visitors second step if typically product pages.

    Our story seems to build a ton of trust which then works hand in hand with conversions!

  34. Christine DeGraff

    This is an excellent post! Thank you for the great examples and insight!

  35. Chris Wise

    I am an inbound marketing director that dabbles in web design, and this post is absolutely amazing. That is all.

  36. Joshua Curtis

    This was some seriously enriching and enlightening information on persuasion. The biggest lesson I learned is the standing out large view of products and emphasis on call-to-action buttons. Well done Peep! Thank you.

  37. Ronald

    This si truly an article about responsive web design. It’s been a while.

    Great job!

    Ronald Mason

  38. Diego

    Excellent Peep, I will print it and put it in my wall!!!

    The only think I would dare to contribute is a phrase I love and that is very related with your post:

    “There is only one chance to make the best first impression”


    Wow!!! Mann peep this is one amongst best article which i have ever read.
    Well done man.It has lots of information which will be helpful for me.
    Thank you

  40. With the “organ donor” example, I would advise not to use this with things like needing to opt OUT of mailing lists etc. I think most users find that sneaky, and to find out later that they neglected to actively opt out of something they didn’t want is plain irritating.

  41. Vinicius Spader

    Very good article. The book Thinking Fast and Slow shows that the brain make decisions or explain decisions that he made using wrong statistics, like classifying events as more risky than others because they appear more in the news. How can we translate into our websites to build trust our improve conversion?

  42. Web Design

    Thanks for the article! It was very informative. Those aspects definitely are key to having a good web page.

  43. Gert P

    Very good post Peep. Usually I make pauses when reading posts, but not this time. Very enjoyable post.

  44. Youri Festen

    Great read! Love all the examples you put in. Even got a bigger smile on my face when I saw my own redesigned homepage for Knab used as a positive example! I think that’s one the biggest compliments I ever got as a designer. Many thanks!

    1. Peep Laja Peep Laja

      Kickass! If you do any freelance work, hit me up :)

  45. wow ,based on this my site needs a a lot of work ,Good information provided thanks

  46. Melissa B

    Many skilled designers already use some of these psychological techniques intuitively. Informative Page!

  47. Peter Swanson

    Great post! Thank you for the tips. I’ll be sure to take note of them all.

  48. Ales Gutierres

    Great site. Very very important information !!! Merci

  49. Susana Maria Rosende

    I created my website as a goofy blog 20 years ago to teach myself HTML and CSS, but started getting writing and design work, so I turned it into a business. But, the design eventually stopped working, and now I know WHY! There is no design, and what there is, is bad, bad, bad!

    I’ve been wanting to re-do my site for a decade, but didn’t know where to start. Now, I know what to do. (I need to start from scratch!)

    Thank you so much for the all the great advice!


  50. Henrik

    There is so much value in this post, thanks!

  51. Fantastic post, really. I will be sending this over to our webmaster for sure. You touch on calls to action, what do you think about newer services like click to call or click for video? WebRTC coming around is making those services easier and cheaper to install, and removing barriers between your visitors and your sales teams has proven successfull for our customers. Thoughts?

  52. Birgit Platschka

    Hi Peep,
    that was a very interesting and easy to understand article. I am still a novice at Webdesign and have lots to learn.
    Look forward to more of your articles.
    Thank you,

  53. Jamie Leger

    That was an INCREDIBLE tutorial on design principles. Thank you very very much… Some much needed tips that really get down to the PSYCHOLOGY of human brains and not just “what’s in” fads or web designer “echo chambers” trying to one up each other….

    Thanks! I’ll be coming back


  54. Steve eMailSmith

    Hey, Peep…
    You left me speechless, mate – this is so epic, it shouldn’t be allowed to be a mere blog post.
    It deserves to be a book, rather.

    I am very happy I found it, though – you’ve gained a follower in me now.
    Thanks for sharing all this freely like you did.

    Steve ✉ Master eMailSmith ✉ Lorenzo
    Chief Editor # eMail Tips Daily Newsletter

  55. Ducktoes Web Design

    Very interesting post, thank you for sharing!

  56. Great, wonderful, the best, fabulous post!
    Ok, maybe I did not get that part about annoying superlatives and no info.

  57. Taylor Dean

    i understand your article easily. nice point you have there. all i can say is, “AMAZING!”

  58. Phenomenal post. I’m completely blown away!

  59. How do you avoid being tagged for “duplicate content” in search engines when considering A/B testing for similar pages (pretty much 95% the same + or -)? Also, let alone, 4 or 5 variations of the same content?



  60. Halima

    This is awesome Peep, I was doing so many things the wrong way and making no money online. I gave my visitors a lot of information overload when they were just looking to buy a product, now I know better thanks to you Peep. I will be following you forever!

  61. This was good stuff.
    keep up the good work

  62. nitish pandey

    I am sure there could be a few more principles and also that just knowing these principles doesn’t mean the job is done. Executing them meaningfully and intelligently is another journey. But having read this article 25% of the work is done towards a good shot at the product design. The next 25% is to keep it in your heart and wallet everytime you have an interaction with your visual and interaction designers. Thank you Peep.

  63. hi i am blog maker and my blog is 6 month old but my traffic is very bad how i am increase my blog traffic..

  64. Christien Paul

    Peep… Kudos! I have shared your article on Facebook and sent it to a few people by email. I’m referencing your article as one of the best reads in a long long time.

    Quick question. I understand the need for information before the call to action, but what about a “dual call to action” where you have the red pill and the blue pill… the red pill being the signup now and skip the information… the blue pill being the tell me more and give me the full tour. Would that be unwise? I think some of our visitors will have already been sold by one of our agents (we sell managed wordpress web hosting) and want to sign up right away. Should they be directed elsewhere?

  65. Alexander

    This is a great article. Got to use some of the advices here. The fly in the toilet is funny, because its true :)

  66. Elisha Hong

    I like the part where using design and limiting selection to help customers make a choice to buy and therefore increasing overall sales. This is really powerful stuff. Persuasion by design. Perfect.

  67. Michael Williams

    Fascinating article. Made my head hurt from great idea overload. Thank you very much.

  68. Gail Richardson

    I have been trying to finish a sales page and I was searching for information and I found your page…it is absolutely awesome.

    Thanks for taking the time to share.

    Gail J Richardson

  69. Uli Fetz

    What an amazing post! Great and so helpful. Thanks a lot for this.

  70. Jena McRae

    I love this article. I refer to it with every new web design project we start. Thanks so much!

  71. Bryan Mailman

    I’m a data-driven creative director and this article was, to quote Marcy Playground, like Sex & Candy. You had me at flies in the urinal and I couldn’t stop reading. Thank you, thank you! Can’t wait to read more.

  72. brianjones

    Just made this post my DEFAULT homepage on both of the browsers I use.

    Excellent post.


  73. David

    Thanks for being so generous. This is so helpful and applicable!

    I particularly appreciated the illustrations – as they say, a picture paints a thousand words.

    Lots of notes to read back through.

  74. S I M P L Y S P E C T A C U L A R !



  75. Daniel

    I’ve sent this around to everyone in the office. For a moment I paused and imagined a web where every web agency implemented these principles. Thanks very much Peep for sharing.

  76. Angelina

    I love this article. I refer to it with every new web design project we start. Thanks so much!..Great…!!!

  77. Formationdesigners

    Hey very nice blog!! Excellent.. Amazing.. It really is a great idea.

  78. Ghanshyam

    I particularly appreciated the illustrations – as they say, a picture paints a thousand words. Thanks..

  79. I know how they got spillage rates to drop – they were trying to pee on the fly!!

  80. The best article about web design principles I found. I thought I knew almost everything (so arrogant) but looks like I still have a lot of things to learn.

    First website where I subscribed for updates and gave my real email address, this article created trust and “Email once a week. Unsubscribe at any time with a single click.” also helped – I believed it.

    I made a lot of notes and copies of the articles (just for me). I tried to cut out something but couldn’t.

    Happy to know that I used some best website principles in my websites (without even knowing it, just instinct) but still I could improve ….. a lot.

    Great stuff.

  81. Watson

    Great article. Alot to reed and learn. Thanks mate

  82. Joseph

    peep i find this article very interesting I enjoy every principle but my favorite of all was Strong visual hierarchy it give me any Ideas for future projects !Thanks!

  83. Dylan

    Wow…this is impressive content…thanks.

  84. Ricardo

    Awesome post. The takeaways are numerous and looks like we’re in for an overhaul. Thank you. Gracias.

  85. Awesome info here with a humorous perspective. On that note, one of your links points to the wrong URL. It’s :)

  86. swathi

    Amazing post. Extremely informative. Thanks :)

  87. Karyn with a Y

    Thanks for a great article Peep!

    I couldn’t stop reading! Only problem is now I want to re-do my whole website… again!

  88. Ubert

    Un bon site comme je l’ai adore, encore merci .

  89. This is really interesting, and it seems to easily apply if you’re selling a single product, or service. But what if you sell multiple educational products, all by a single educator and your website needs to first persuade the visitor that you’re the right person to buy from, and then you need to get them to the right product in your catalog? For the first obstacle, we present all kinds of proof and credibility in the form of written testimonials, video testimonials, credentials, reviews by major press, etc. It’s very easy to overload the visitor with these things, hoping that something they read or see will cause them to make the first decision that they want to learn from you. So my question is, how do you know what and how much to provide on the homepage to get them past that first obstacle?

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