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  1. Jennifer

    Hi Peep,

    Thanks for this amazing article: I have never done this autoresponder to autoresponder split testing but I want to start trying it out. Right now I create different optin forms for A/B testing. Great idea here :).


    1. Tommy Walker

      Hey Jennifer, thank you so much! I’m glad you liked the article. You’ll have to let us know how the results of your test were and stay tuned next week when we talk about optimal auto-responder length and content strategies.

  2. I’ve a mailing list of circa 850 so want to start concentrating on better A/Rs and marketing.

    One of the issues with split testing is VWO and Optimizely are very very expensive.

    Mailchimp does not have rebroadcast unfortunately.

  3. Mauro D’Andrea

    Tommy, this is a brilliant post!
    I especially like the points 4 and 6…I think I’ve some good ideas to test now, thank you!

    And thank you for mentioning my post on KISSmetrics!

  4. I am really enjoying this series. I don’t think I have ever found a topic that is so frustrating to be covered to in detail. Great job!

    1. Tommy Walker

      Thanks Eden!

      Is there anything else you’d like to see covered?

  5. marek

    “…Top end email programs like Infusionsoft, GetResponse and Mailchip allow you to easily create segments or subscribe to new lists based on links that are clicked in the initial email…”
    Can Campaign Monitor also do this? A am asking bescause this email marketing software provider seems really good to me since i am interested in design. but i also need features like this…

  6. Sophie

    Haha! Dream Water…Anyway, great tips, thanks for sharing! I loves me some actionable data.

  7. Man! Tip Number 2 just hit me so brutally hard… Having a 1 Mio $/Year Business and thinking since month about how to splittest followups…and then the solution is so totally simple, lol. (At least for subject lines)

    Just realized how many people did not got my best converting followups..and what this kind of testing will do to our bottom line – you just made me a bunch of money!

    You ROCK!

  8. Gary Jay

    Great article on segmentation!

    This is definitely an area that most marketers would benefit as to many folks are still in the “spray and pray” mode of email marketing.

    There are a couple of areas that you did not touch on… maybe because there are so few companies that do it but these are 3 really powerful techniques:

    1. Selectable Opt-In forms – Allow the subscriber to segment themselves on the way in the door by giving them an opt-in form with multiple benefits that they get to choose from.

    2. Actionable Links – The simple act of clicking a link in an email should do more than transport a person to the landing page.

    3. Actionable Surveys – Ask your subscribers what they want with a survey system that will automatically segment them based upon a cumulative score from the entire survey replies, or from how they answer individual questions, or a combination of the 2.

    Surveys are really a powerful tool when used for segmentation purposes.

    1. Tommy Walker

      Awesome point’s Gary! Thank you for adding. Maybe you’d like to contribute a piece on that for us in the future?

  9. Gary Jay

    Typo: “as to many folks” should have been “as too many folks”

  10. Perun

    I wanna thank you so much for this useful article! I’m using GetResponse software and now I know exactly how to improve my email marketing strategies. I’m really grateful for your help Tommy!

  11. Hey Tommy, Great post. I just wanted to add that Mailchimp now has a feature that shows you your best time to an email.

    If you’re setting up a drip campaign using MailChimp you can find you best times to schedule your posts by taking the following steps:

    1.)Navigate to the confirm step of the campaign builder.
    2.) click schedule in the lower-right corner
    3.) click the “Let MailChimp optimize send time for maximum engagement radio button “.
    4.) click on each day of the week to see the best recommended time for that specific day.

    After you figure out the best times to send emails, you can set the day & time in the “Advanced scheduling and segmentation” section of your drip campaign (The Automation section).

    1. Peep Laja Peep Laja

      Most top email marketing software do that now, including GetResponse and several others.

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