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  1. Jonathan

    ahahaha I’m guilt of a couple of these. Thanks for the list. I’ll shape up!

  2. Robert Hansen

    Thanks Peep for reminding these mistakes. I will check if the A/B mail test works for me.

  3. Janice

    I will keep this and use it…love YOUR valuable content. Thanks!

  4. Phil O’Doherty

    Great advice. The Olark example is on the money. I started using short open ended emails in plain text for new users and CTR soared. Short really is sweet. I also found that leaving the ball in their court is not always the best strategy so I end with a question that prompts a response.

  5. J Dent

    We stopped sending out product information in our emails and instead send reviews for items our customers may be using but don’t buy from us. Engagement has definitely increased, and now we actually hold conversation.

  6. Julius Minor

    I think single opt-in is good when you are selling your products because they “bought” into your system..

  7. I really just have to disagree with the first item, which is the double opt-in. At least for a retail store in which we collect emails from customers on the spot. Every time we had a double optin, we got almost no subscribers. However, once we abandonded the double-optin, our subscriber base grew, and we have been very successful with our email marketing and sales promotions. Do you think your rule applies only to online list building? Because I tell you, in person, the double optin is a game killer!

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