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  1. Phil OD

    Excellent stuff here Chris. I’m currently doing an overhaul of our sales email approach and this is really helpful, especially #2.

  2. Peep Laja Peep Laja

    Awesome post, Chris – and great actionable examples.

  3. Michael Yardney

    Thanks for these great ideas, especially the template examples

  4. Hi All, Todd from Flightfox here (the example company in Chris’ post). Highly recommend using over rolling your own solution. Although we do our own site analytics, Vero does way too much for us to do ourselves. For example, A/B testing email copy to customizable conversion stats.

    @Michael Yardney: small world. I attended one of your workshops in Canberra about 6-8 years ago.

  5. Sandy

    I don’t know you but I like you already! Great post, especially loved the first one! Absolutely clever!

  6. Jobst

    Alright, I will admit, this is actually a very well written post with some good ideas with some interesting ways to get some extra conversion. One of the few boths I have bothered to read from begging to end without getting sidetracked or bored, so thank you for the tips. I will definitely try to institute some of them into our email campaigns. Rock on!

  7. Joshua Schmidt

    Excellent examples. Some time back SEO moz did a whiteboard friday something like this. This is elaborate. Awesome.

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