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    1. DeEtte

      Great article & very practical. Thanks for all the tips – I’ll be thinking about them for awhile as we work on our website redesign. [But by the way, your photo under #2 is of the PARTHENON (temple in Greece), not the PANTHEON (church in Rome or church/crypt in Paris).]

  2. Fernando

    This blog post should be GOSPEL to anybody involved with designing websites.

    1. so, it’s made up and shouldn’t be believed?

    2. Drew Callison

      Otto appears to be referring to the bible Peep. Your work is brilliant and certainly invokes a serious change of my web designing consciousness. Great Post!

  3. nice research, thanks for sharing

    Sivakumar, HTML Developer

  4. niresh

    I knew some and i`ve learned some thnx for sharing this research work…

  5. Ross Beamish

    My yr.10 ICT students are going to get a LOT from this tomorrow. Thanks for the great article.

    1. Peep Laja Peep Laja

      Great, hope they’re interested.

  6. Abhi Rao

    I will be sharing your site with my composition students who are designing their webfolios–great info, thanks!

  7. Aki Andrew

    this is very good, thanks for the info

  8. Mukesh Mak

    Great article….!!!Nice to know about new
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  9. Shelly O’Neill

    Great article. Really useful information. Best I’ve read in a while on this subject. Thanks so much for all your efforts.

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  12. Taylor Dean

    nice post. i learn so many things from your article. i’ve been reading your articles and i find it helpful in making my projects.

  13. Another amazing blog post Peep! How the heck did you learn about all these laws and then apply them to design? Brilliant!

  14. Bill B

    Web designers would be wise to use products such as Microsoft OneNote and EverNote as a way to jot down any ideas they have. These programs are great for organizing your thoughts and putting them all in one place. It’s a great starting point when trying to determine how to build your site.

  15. Pooria Kh.


    Great article, complete is a better expression here, complete set of basis i designer should have,

    wonderful article, thanks to you

  16. Michael Lysiak

    Thanks for sharing. These principals will definitely be useful to me.

  17. Reyven

    Wow! I really enjoyed reading this. I’m an aspiring web designer and these information made me think I still have a lot to learn to be certified one.
    Nice piece of article. Tweeted it as well. :)

  18. These are all good tips and that piece of meat in the middle reminded me how hungry I was!

  19. bobit

    really worth tips
    i like the first principle very much

  20. Benyamin

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this, i’ve bookmarked the page and will referring to it until it has been memorised!

  21. Good article. Next time you might want to have someone proofread it for spelling and punctuation. (That is, if you value “aesthetically and financially rewarding results.”

  22. jason404

    That’s the Acropolis, not the Pantheon (which is in ancient Rome).

  23. jason404

    …actually, the Parthenon to be more specific!

  24. Matthew H

    Superb article, bookmarked with a plan to read over and again to sink your musings in.

    1. Super agree!! What you posted and shared here is something is valuable to many web designers! Thanks a lot!

  25. Giulio

    The Occam’s razor part is incredible. 300% increased conversion, wow

  26. Azanka

    Great post but I would like to make a correction. Pantheon is in Rome and not Greek – In the photo this the Parthenon from Athens.

  27. Nicholas

    Thank you for a brilliantly concise overview and compelling examples. It all has that ring of unstated truth about it.
    Well done Peep!

  28. Great Post, i learn a lot form this article. I hope you can post more for beginners in web design like me..

  29. Chris Brown

    I like the information shared. Your efforts in researching such a good content is really appreciated. I like everything written but the important that taken my attention is the Law of Common Fate, which is really new to me. I am a web designer and love reading blogs. Keep sharing latest news about market.

  30. Great article, loved reading it. I think it will influence my future desings a bit, though I allready know about some things. Keep it up!

  31. Jacquelyne Bicklein

    I couldn’t refrain from commenting. Exceptionally well written!

  32. Rusty Macauley

    It’s nearly impossible to find knowledgeable people in this particular subject, but you seem like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks

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    Amazing!!!!! Excellent blog post. Even non technical person would understand what a user needs and designers would know what should be included and what needs to be not. I must say one should share this blog post before leaving it.

  34. Emilda Daniel

    Great article, it’s very useful to know the most important principles in web designing. I’m a web designer. I’m going to consider these article for my next web design work. Thank you a lot for this valuable article. :)

  35. OmwengaDev

    Great piece!! Awesome and practical too. It’s a game changer to me.
    Keep it up!

  36. Wouter Dieleman

    You’re a goddamn machine son.

    1. Michael Milligan

      Careful with the language, please.

  37. Himani Khanna

    Very informative stuff. You are way beyond than just a writer. I have never been so impressed before with the other articles. This piece must have taken a while to explore things. Very nice.

  38. Your definition of Occam’s Razor is not correct. It should read the simplest solution that contains the necessary components is better. Just because something is simpler doesn’t mean it’s correct. Otherwise, this is a helpful article with time-tested principles.

  39. DAS Realtors

    Thanks ! it is too useful and important for all of us. Great !

  40. Peep – Awesome post, one of the best marketing posts I’ve read in awhile. I took away a ton of new knowledge. Nice work!


  41. Ayesha

    The article displayed above is a complete package of theoretical knowledge sequenced through a very sophisticated manner by Sir Peep Laja. Especially for new learners like me . I must give an approval here as per a professional from the same field, that gestalt law is indeed very practical in website designing as mentioned above.

    Thank you so much sir for providing us this way great deal of knowledge . God bless you. Keep helping folk the same way you are doing. :)
    Best Regards

  42. Sachin Patil

    Really Great Information, it will help me to learn more.

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