Peep Laja

Peep Laja

Peep Laja the founder of ConversionXL, one of the leading conversion optimization experts in the world.

He’s been doing digital marketing for over 15 years in Europe, Middle East, Central America and the US. He has extensive experience across verticals: in the past he’s run a SaaS company in Europe, an SEO agency in Panama, real estate portal in Dubai and worked for an international non-profit.

Peep can help your company grow via his conversion optimization agency

This I Believe - 25 Thoughts for Life

Throughout his life, architect Bill Claudill wrote down notes on this and that, and organized those thoughts under the title This I Believe. When Tom Peters turned 60, he decided to scribble down 60 thoughts, one for each year – that seemed to capture his professional and personal journey.

I turn 36 in a couple of days (June 24). Much younger than the above named folks, but I decided to do the same. I wrote down 25 TIBs – things I believe to be true. Keep reading »

Announcing: ConversionXL Institute

We’ve been in this industry many years – doing optimization work, teaching, consulting. The core problems we’ve observed with the optimization people seem to still boil down to these things

  • Not knowing what to do in general (resulting in using random hacks and tactics)
  • Not knowing what to test (and testing silly things that make no difference instead)
  • Not sure how to find the time to improve skills (as everyone’s so busy and half-life of digital marketing is only ~2.5 yrs)

We thought long and hard about this, and created ConversionXL Institute to tackle these issues.! Keep reading »

Advanced A/B Testing Panel with Top Experts [Video]

At ConversionXL Live 2015 we had an amazing testing panel featuring statistics and testing gurus Lukas Vermeer from, Matt Gershoff from Conductrics and Yuan Wright from Electronic Arts. And the audience asked some of the toughest testing questions ever. All of them got answered. Keep reading »