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Announcing: ConversionXL Institute

We’ve been in this industry many years – doing optimization work, teaching, consulting. The core problems we’ve observed with the optimization people seem to still boil down to these things

  • Not knowing what to do in general (resulting in using random hacks and tactics)
  • Not knowing what to test (and testing silly thing that make no difference instead)
  • Not sure how to find the time to improve skills (as everyone’s so busy and half-life of digital marketing is only ~2.5 yrs)

We thought long and hard about this, and created ConversionXL Institute to tackle these issues.! Keep reading »

Mobile App Analytics

If you’re launching a mobile app, you’ve likely considered the differences between optimizing a simple site and a mobile app or game. But have you considered how the measurement and data analysis process will be different?

Without a definitive plan and deep understanding of the fundamentals, your mobile app data will get complicated quickly. There are new tools, new terminology, new reports, new rules for efficiency, etc.

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You’ve read about color psychology, system one and two, emotional persuasion, etc. I know you have because it’s everywhere. It’s on KISSmetrics, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc., Help Scout, HubSpot… you name it. Hell, we’ve covered some of these topics ourselves.

Why? Well, because many psychological triggers do, in fact work.

But there’s another side to using psychology online that almost no one is talking about: backfiring.

Psychology isn’t a magic formula that can be applied to optimization seamlessly in all scenarios, despite what many self-identified experts are preaching today. [Tweet It!]

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