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  1. Every time I turn around there is more compelling info about why I need to get my podcast going again. It’s on my short-list at the moment, so it’s time to kick planning in to high gear.

  2. John Lee Dumas

    Honored to have this great opportunity XL!

    Rob, it IS time to kick your Podcasting plans into high gear :-) is where you can join our free weekly Podcast Workshop and kick your Podcast planning into high gear!

    We talk about Podcasting’s explosion, how it can help your business, and of course how you can Create ~ Grow ~ Monetize your podcast!

    See you there!

  3. Tim Paige

    As always, John, spot on! More and more, it’s becoming crystal clear that podcasting is a platform that can’t be ignored for businesses.

    1. John Lee Dumas

      Thanks for sharing the beginnings of your podcasting journey with LeadPages @Tim! You’re right: podcasting cannot be ignored!

  4. Alex Harris

    Was like this is right up my alley. Great different content related to my favorite subjects, then see that JLD is the author, boom. Win! Great post.

    1. Tommy Walker

      Awesome! That makes me really happy to hear :-)

    2. John Lee Dumas

      Thanks @Alex! Glad you enjoyed the post and that it was right up your alley!

  5. Zac Johnson

    Insane resource post! Bookmarking, saving, emailing this myself so I never lose it. I’m a huge fan of the podcast too! Thanks!

    1. John Lee Dumas

      Zac, thanks much my man! Glad you enjoyed the packed post – lots of great support out there in favor of podcasting and its explosion, and I couldn’t be more excited about it!

  6. James Schramko

    Podcasting is HUGE. It will get bigger and bigger just watch!

  7. Esther Kiss

    Thanks for sharing all these stats! Just what I’ve been looking for. Perfect timing! :)

  8. Paul Colaianni

    What? This post is amazing! I’m going to link to this from my own podcasting site. Love all the data and facts here. I agree that podcasting is just an amazing way to grow a dedicated audience. Awesome, awesome content here.

    1. John Lee Dumas

      Love it away :-)

  9. Maritza Parra

    Brilliant post!! I’ve been hearing so much about podcasting and seeing this info cements why it’s a great idea for businesses.

    So excited to begin my podcast here AND to be getting expert inspiration and guidance from the best podcasting community (and it is really a community… lifelong friends and colleagues for sure!) – John Lee’s Podcasters Paradise & FNE has been an amazing resource for me. Thanks JLD

  10. Melinda Yeaman

    Once again, John and Kate deliver the goods down to the detail. GREAT info! I have people calling me on a daily basis asking questions about how to get their podcast started and how to integrate this channel into their business. The opportunity is wide open and Podcasters’ Paradise really is THE internet resource for this. If anyone needs first-hand help or has questions about the launching experience using these tools, don’t be afraid to reach out. @melindayeaman

    1. John Lee Dumas

      Sounds like you should become an affiliate Melinda ;-) Way to build a powerful audience that looks to you for resources!

  11. Celest Horton

    Wonderful Post! Love all the statistics, which provides hope for continued growth of my podcast despite its narrow niche.

    I am a proud member of John’s FNE, which has been an amazing resource to help me build my podcast and grow as a budding entrepreneur. Thanks JLD for all that you do for our community!

    1. John Lee Dumas

      Celest, it is an honor to create a mastermind that attracts Entrepreneurs like you!

  12. Jeff Brown


    You and Kate are quickly becoming the guest post King/Queen. Keep up the great work guys.

  13. DG Gregory

    If only there was a daily podcast featuring interviews with today’s most successful entrepreneurs….oh wait!

    Great post with a ton of useful and persuasive stats. A great reminder that I need to buckle down and get my podcast launched!

    1. John Lee Dumas

      hahahah DG, buckle down and drink this kool aid :-)

  14. Mike Simmons

    GREAT RESOURCE! I love the data you have complied here. As someone who has his own podcast, this excites and motivates me!! Thanks!

    1. John Lee Dumas

      MS, you have a killer podcast my friend, glad I can still provide some insights :-)

  15. John Dennis

    John & Kate,

    Excellent post – very informative and a fun read. Everyone: Their wildfire strategy is worth taking notes on. ;)

    1. John Lee Dumas

      Thanks JD..and great initials btw :-)

  16. Martin Tokar

    John and Kate: This post is very informative. It was especially interesting to read because I have been consuming countless podcasts over the last five years but only recently thought about having my own podcast. Lots of great thoughts here. You made me “refine” my own podcasting concept :) thank you, Martin Tokar

  17. Arturo Nava

    Fantastic article that shows very clearly why podcasting is the most effective and highest potential media and marketing medium out there ! Well done Kate and John !

    1. John Lee Dumas

      Arturo…Podcasting is effective no doubt…thanks for the kind words!

  18. Frank Gustafson

    Wealth of great information! Love this post if is chocked full of GREAT data. Love all of the resource links! Well done John and Kate!

    1. John Lee Dumas

      Frank…thank you for your service my friend…IGNITE!

  19. Dean Patino

    Love this article! Not only does John explain how podcasting has been booming, but also how to go about it to take your business to the next level. Completely inspiring! John and Entrepreneur on Fire are the real deal, there’s no surprise why John has been able to take his business into orbit though his podcast and others do too!

    1. John Lee Dumas

      Dean, you are in the top 5% of my world! Rock on!

  20. Justin Williams

    Amazing Post guys! I have been fortunate enough to learn from John and now have my own podcast! We just started monetizing a few weeks ago and launched an online community and made just over $5,000 our first month. Although I started my site first, I am pretty sure just about all of them found me through my podcast!

    1. John Lee Dumas

      JW, keep killing it and remember, 2014 is the year of the Podcast AND the live webinar!

  21. Brian Schmitt

    Great case for podcasting! Something I’ve found works really well for the busy entrepreneur is to use something like’s approach. It’s a great way to get a podcast and blog going with less time than most people spend on making a podcast, let alone writing a blog post. They also have a great (free) tool for determining what kind of material you should cover.

    1. John Lee Dumas

      BS, thanks for stopping by

  22. Paul Clifford

    Great post John.. I’m already a fan and started podcasting. Continually inspired by Entrepreneur on Fire.

  23. Carey Green

    My clients are increasingly finding that podcasting is ramping up their exposure, client-base, and business profits exponentially. And it doesn’t have to be a DIY thing, either. I’m finding a niche of business owners our there who want to have the podcast, but need someone else to do it for them. I think these folks should have the option to maximize the power of a podcast too. Just like I need someone else to fix my car (because I don’t know how to do it), there’s a huge opportunity for everyone who wants a podcast to have a podcast, because there are those who know how to create it and help them get it out to the world. Great post!

    1. John Lee Dumas

      Great feedback Carey..thanks!

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