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  1. Andriy CanaFlora

    May i ask a dummy question?

    What do you mean under Email customer acquisition?

    1. Tommy Walker

      Which section are you referring to specifically? I’ll be happy to clarify :-)

    2. Andriy CanaFlora

      “In the last four years, Email has quadrupled it’s customer acquisition rate, reaching nearly 7% of total acquisition, making it a serious contender for where you should be focusing your time and money”

      I think i got it. It make no sense for ecommerce sites but for service and software company it does.

      Or maybe custora means that we should BUY email lists lol

    3. Tommy Walker

      It sounds like you’ve got it, however Custora’s dataset came exclusively from monitoring 86 ecommerce/retail sites over the course of 2 years (and getting backlog data from the previous years)

      The email they’re talking about comes from registered members, or people who sign up for the special offers newsletters.

    4. Andriy CanaFlora

      Yes, I see Living social is their customer so that make sense for them.
      For regular (not flash sale) ecommerce web site, email acquisition is probably like 1% (very optimistic)

      Great article by the way. Email retargeting is super cool stuff especially with Twitter re-targeting coming up

    5. Julius Minor

      Twitter? Wow!.. If all these platforms start retargeting, Us marketers are going to have a field-day with it..

  2. Julius Minor

    Hmm.. This is a pretty slick tactic. Do you recommend It seems pretty risky uploading my email list to their servers..

    1. Tommy Walker

      I do. It does seem a little risky, but they’re one of the best in the business when it comes to Retargeting. I would say either them or

  3. Taylor Dean

    Email re targeting is super cool especially with Twitter re targeting coming up. thanks for great article of yours

  4. Eric Bobrow

    How would you compare Google’s Remarketing tools to Adroll and Retargeter? Also, for Facebook retargeting, I’ve been looking at Perfect Audience – any thoughts or experience with this service? And finally…any problem with combining multiple pixels or scripts so that one can use multiple services?

    Thanks for a very informative and clearly written article, and in advance for any insights or guidance in response to my post.

    Eric Bobrow

    1. Tommy Walker

      Great question Eric. Google’s Remarketing tools are pretty good, but they’re limited to Google & The Google Display Network.

      On the other hand Adroll and Retargeter work with a variety of partners to cover areas like the Facebook Exchange & other display networks making it a much wider net.

      I’ve never used perfect audience, but from what I see, they have a similar offering, so what it would really come down to for you is the user experience and customer support options available to you. For what it’s worth, I’m a Retargeter fan.

      As far as combining pixels, no problem IF you have everything managed properly. Figure the more pixels you have, the more you have to keep track of. I would recommend keeping a spreadsheet specifically for your tracking and burn pixels so you don’t end up doing things like showing a buy now ad to someone who’s already purchased the product. (hate that, and I see it all the time!)

  5. Brian

    Hey Tommy,

    Great article. I’ve a question: how, exactly, does CRM retargeting work? How does Retargeter, for example, take a customer’s email address and suddenly translate that into a display advertising campaign?

    With a pixel-based retargeting campaign, that step is logical, but not-so with CRM retargeting…


  6. Sergio Ex

    Hey Tommy,

    Very nice article!

    l own an add agency in Brazil and we work with our own email marketing platform.

    We dont do remarketing yet, however reading your article, l thought of something that could work for us and wanted to know if you have any idea of a solution to it.

    We have our own mailing list and we need to track down cart abandonment and other KPIs so we can send out email to those users when they leave a page. Therefore, l’m looking for an email platform that does that, however l must only use this platform for that since l have to use my platform (in-house developed) to send the “bulk” mailing.

    The issue here is, because l must use my platform to send the bulk, and the new platform to send only the automated, how can l insert the cookie on the users?

    Got it?

    Do you have any ideas on how can l do that?

    l appreciate your help.



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  8. Steve Abbott

    Interesting article, reinforces the importance of relevance in marketing.
    You may be interested in a recent article I wrote on how consumers attitudes to email have changed. See .

  9. Nicki

    I am confused by this sentence:

    “According to the 2012 Channel Preference Survey by Exact Target, 77% of people prefer to receive promotional materials over any other channel.”

    Can you please clarify?

    1. Tommy Walker

      Wow, this article has been live for some time & no one pointed that out.

      The Exact Target survey found that 77% of people prefer to receive promotional materials over email than any other channel. Thanks for pointing that out :-)

  10. FYI.
    I spoke to AdRoll yesterday and they advised me that they do not offer “Email Retargeting”

  11. Justin Lofton

    Great article! Amazing what is possible now for marketers and I think it’s great for consumers too as they will see ads they actually prefer to see.

    We use Infusionsoft and are now using SyncSumo to automate our CRM ReTargeting efforts. Now we can get really creative with our ReTargeting ads. It’s already showing improved returns over our initial CRM ReTargeting campaigns.


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