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  1. Great Article Peep, very comprehensive as always. In your experience, when call data is collected in Google Analytics, can it be used to automatically optimise the campaign via goal conversions or is it still a manual process of making bidding adjustments based on your findings.

    1. Peep Laja Peep Laja

      Hey Matt. You must mean Google AdWords?

  2. Andy Powell

    It’s great to see call tracking recognized as a powerful tool for tracking phone conversions.

    I’m with CallRail ( and we provide call tracking for thousands of businesses. Our platform offers tight integration with Google AdWords – you can track calls down to the keyword level and feed the data back to Google Adwords as conversions.

  3. Taylor

    Fantastic article.

    We’ve been using call tracking for 6 months now and it’s really helped us drill down on what the most compelling parts of our site are that drive people to call and also where visitors are coming from. We’re using Log My Calls though and it doesn’t seem to integrate with Google Analytics like you said.

    Is anyone using a call tracking software that lets them see exactly which pages people that call came visited?

  4. Jason Napierski

    In order to track calls many organizations have their agents ask, “how did you hear of us?”. This information is somewhat useful but can be inaccurate. People might not remember or there may have been numerous touch points. This product eliminates that question.

  5. Tahmid

    Thank you for your great tutorial. It will help me much.

  6. Swarn

    Prefer PDF download of your articles. Pls include option of it.

  7. Russell

    Great article. I have a question. When I go to my Google Analytics profile and visit the admin section, it lets me set up Goals. The goal type options are Destination (which I usually use), Duration, Pages/Screens per visit, and Event. What I’m trying to figure out is whether there is some way of adding a tracking phone number to a web page (or direct mail, etc.), and then when someone calls that number, a Goal is triggered. If a goal was triggered, it would theoretically show up in the Multi Channel Funnel report. That’s my ultimate goal. Without phone calls showing up in the multi channel funnel report, I’m missing a big piece of my analytics. Is this doable? I talked to another company a few minutes ago and they said it’s impossible to do that. But I wanted to get a second opinion. Thanks!

    1. Tommy Walker

      As far as I know, this is something that is possible as a part of proper integration on the site.

      Which call tracking company did you talk to?

  8. Taylor Dean

    nice article. i learn a lot from your point of view. thanks for sharing your ideas and suggestions!

  9. Daniel Persson

    Thank you for this post. I had never heard about call tracking before, but it really looks like something I got learn more about.

  10. Hey Tommy,

    First of all very nice post, this is a great in depth look at call tracking overall. I do want to ask your opinion on something though. Do you think businesses are reluctant to use call tracking in their marketing efforts because there is no clear pricing?

    If you look at most of the top companies their is no clear pricing, and the ones that are are charging insane amounts. There is a company here in the UK charging over $150 us equivalent per month for their services and then charging almost .20 cents per minute. As a business owner how could I honestly say this is a good investment when across the pond, CallRail is charging $30 a month, and I get 10 local numbers and 500 minutes included?

    While I understand that their are other business expenses for every company, Many of us know that getting a phone number costs nothing, and cost per minute for provisioned tracking numbers is even less.

    I personally love call tracking and think that if you really want to know whats working for your business, it’s great, however I have spoke to many business owners who were sold overpriced packages, by companies that under delivered.

    I know I’m on my soap box a bit, but I want business owners to understand the power of call tracking, but many of them see it as something that is still not in budget.

    1. Tommy Walker

      Hey TK, sorry for not getting back to this earlier, I just saw it!

      I think some of the bigger companies don’t do call tracking, because conceptually it’s difficult to understand. Figure, you’re dealing with a paradigm that has always dictated one phone number per entity, so when you say “NO WE HAVE UNLIMITED PHONE NUMBERS!” That in itself is a bit mind-blowing. Take it a step further and say “every unique visitor gets their own, AND it’s tied to their analytics data if they call” and now you’re just off into crazy la-la weirdo territory for many who make the budgeting decisions.

      It’s much easier to hold on to the belief that the call channel can’t be tracked, than it is to believe there is a viable solution.

      Now on the call tracking companies parts, its their job to not sound so (pardon the language) geeky when describing what call tracking is and how it works. It’s easy to get caught up in the details, but those details are very confusing. I know how and IVR is and how it works, and it’s still a little mind-bending to think about.

      Honestly, I think it’s a matter of really focusing on the benefits while talking about the features a bit. Otherwise, it’s just scary to think about, and easier to hold on to old beliefs. Just my two cents :-)

  11. Well done Tommy ! Great in depth look at call tracking and it’s benefits.

    At nimbata ( we provide companies with call tracking solutions that may be used as stand-alone services or as an integrated offering. Our easy to use framework seamlessly integrates with Google Analytics providing actionable insights for our customers.

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