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  1. Sean Bolton

    Great article. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Spy Gadgets

    I agree 100%. We have some of the best product images around and we use a nice carousel that works with mobile devices as well. We’ve actually had customers say that our images have won them over and tipped their decision to purchase from us. Spy-Tronix Warehouse.

  3. Now you actually can take your product for a “spin” online. Check out these interactive examples in 3D… Our clients are seeing their conversion rates increase and their customer item returns decrease by bringing elements of the in-store experience online.

  4. Great post. Images make a huge difference in engagement. I agree that images of people are a lot more effective.

  5. Lasse Rafn

    Glad to see the Danish cliche is hold up (that we’re some perverts) =D

    Great article!

  6. Sarah

    Great article. There’s this cool I’ve been using too and thought I should share. I found it at . I got more clicks and sales increased too. You should try it.

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