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  1. Olivier Letac

    Wow ! Peep, I think this is just one of the best post I have ever seen on this subject. You can feel that everything that is said here is just so relevant ! Congratulations !
    I am actually trying to “re think” my home page / web page and all this advice is really useful. I would really like to work with you but I am based in France…
    Keep going !

  2. Tom Gilmour

    Great post dude! I was making notes, crafting personas and thinking about how I can redue my home page as I read through. I may be reaching out when ready. Cheers, Tom

  3. Eduard

    Great article. I think i’m gonna change a couple of things on my site.

  4. Very great tips Peep. I am in the process of designing my own homepage and found your advice really great.

  5. Dinesh Takyar

    an amazing thought through article about creating a homepage. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Saurabh Hooda

    FYI, your link ‘70.9% conversion uplift’ is no more valid.

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