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  1. Khizar

    Worth a read… gave me a base to work on… thanks for explaining the BJ Fogg principle in detail…

  2. Aditya

    I kept on reading. Certainly you’ve done your bit, so thanks for sharing these tips. I’m planning to launch a premium ebook a few months away from now and I’m already conducting surveys for research data and this post has come at the right time. Thanks again!


  3. Christian Goudreau

    Awesome article! This is new stuff to understand to be able to be as efficient as possible when it’s time to convert our users!

    Thanks Peep!

  4. David Gadarian

    Great stuff. Motivation. Ability. Trigger. I’ve had a few ideas for my home page that I’m getting ready to put together and the ideas here put a nice frame of context around a few of the ideas I’ve been flirting with. Thanks so much for sharing this.

  5. Mike From Maine

    Wow, there’s a lot of great stuff here. I agree that simplification is so important when it comes to converting customers. As soon as something looks too complicated I go for the back button.

  6. Marc Poulin

    Great post as always. The section “Understanding behavior types” could be elaborated in a separate post.

  7. Wow Peep! You introduced me to alot of new concepts here… again, like you did with money ball..

    This is very similar to Dr Flint’s model and Bryan and Jeffery Eisenberg. Dr Flint mentions the first two and the Eisenberg brothers mention the third.


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