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  1. Mikkel Andersen

    Amazing content!

    Question incoming at high velocity:

    We currently have a ton of reviews, but no avatar/icon of the actual customers. How can we as an e-commerce store actually receive the customers image for the review?

    1. Tommy Walker

      Who are you using for your review platform?

      What you want is a review platform that allows your customer to either
      A.) upload a photo of themselves, or
      B.) connect to their social media account (viral lift if review is shared with social network)

      I’d recommend Bazaarvoice for that, but it’s also possible you could ask whoever’s created the review platform your using to add that functionality.

    2. Peep Laja Peep Laja

      I think it’s fine for ecommerce as it’s gonna be mostly about the quantity of the reviews, not quality. Amazon reviews are loved, but do not feature any images. Asking for photos from reviewers would cause an immense amount of friction.

      Photo/video testimonials are best fit when you don’t have too many products. Ecommerce site with hundreds/thousands of products is another matter.

    3. Mikkel Andersen

      Tommy – Using pretty much native Magento.
      A.) Yea, that’s what I wanted to avoid, ’cause I think that will dramatically decrease the amount of reviews received.
      B.) So far I’ve been unable to find a solution that doesn’t just give me a Facebook comment box. I’ll have a look at Bazaarvoice, although at first glance they seem “too big” for us. I might have been overstating with “a ton of reviews” lol. Thank you for you answer.

      Peep – I’m a liking what I’m reading. Thanks.

    4. Ersan Seer

      Mikkel, I think this article also demonstrates the power one well-placed testimonial can have, which can certainly be implemented on an eCommerce site. For instance, Nemo’s video testimonial for Unbounce.

      In fact, I think I ended up using Unbounce some months back as a result of Nemo’s endorsement. I still use Unbounce where I work. I didn’t know Nemo, but I knew KISSMetrics and was impressed with the referral.

      Hmm… now I’m starting to feel mind-controlled. :P

    5. Tommy Walker

      Ah yes, mind control. That’s really what we’re all going after though, isn’t it? :-p

    6. Anupam Bonanthaya

      I would still recommend that you should go with asking for photos (in addition to the text quote ) for your eCommerce site because it makes it more real. videos would be good as well, but chances that visitors will view the video is less compared to text/photos that you can quickly browse. of-course unless it is that single video like the kissmetrics example.

  2. Sean Radvansky

    Hi Peep,

    Thanks for the detail about reviews! I greatly appreciate that you cut through the fluffy advice that others offer with specific, logical, tested conversion tips. I am a huge fan of your ebook and reviews.

    Please keep it coming. I spent a week taking detailed notes on your book and literally started from scratch (using your advice) on how to design our new website. We are doing mockups now with a designer and should have it done in another 4-6 weeks. I’ll try to let you know how it impacts our conversion!

  3. exponents

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  4. Solid Post Marie, but please cut away the super bowl theory. People simple don’t know what influences them. That’s the trick about influence.

  5. Asa Weinstein

    Some really good info here. Very informative and easy to get some good takeaways here. Although much of what you write about here doesn’t apply directly to our industry (interior design) there are still nuggets that can be applied to improve our site. We’re in the midst of redesign now, so we can tweak with these tips!

    1. Tommy Walker

      I wonder how a video testimonial might fare for you. With the right editing & background music, and the story of how that customer came to work with you, that could be very compelling.

  6. Marie Dean

    Dates can be helpful because they show how recently the review was made.

    This won’t matter so much for products such as books – but for some businesses a current review will verify how the business is performing today – as opposed to 5 years ago.

    Management and employees change over time. If a service was good 5 years ago – it doesn’t mean it’s good today.

    1. Eugene

      Thanks for the answer.

      My example, I’ve been selling vintage Christmas ornaments online since 2006 and I’ve not yet received a negative feedback. Yes, a few of my customers weren’t happy with their purchases, but I returned them their money plus left them the ornaments. And their negative turned to positive.

      Please my last question. Do you collect feedback from only new customers/clients? Or from old, returned buyers too?

    2. Sam at Feedback Loop

      Hey Eugene,

      It depends on the clients. I once ran an eBay store and emailed all my clients – some of them who bought 6months + ago to ask them to write a review on my new website. The important thing is that you give them as unique reason and personalise it.

      The email I wrote was something like
      Title: [name], how’s your [product name] going?

      dear [name], thanks for buying the [product name] from our ebay store. We’re launching a new website and I would really appreciate it if you could help other customers by writing a review of the item you bought.

      We’re a local Australian business and your opinion counts.

      Kind Regards,
      [Your name]
      Founder and CEO

      Please get in touch if you’d like help automating this.

  7. Sean Ellis

    Awesome article! I’m a big fan of leveraging your most passionate customers to drive growth. This ranges from using them to understand your core product value (let them tell you), to studying their onboarding path. Good testimonials are clearly part of this.

    Testimonials are something that we’ve all seen on infomercials. Informercials historically have fallen in the realm of direct marketers who tend to be very data driven. So their use of testimonials should be a signal to all of us that they work.

    The article mentions the power of video testimonials in particular. I think people are catching on to this. In just the last week I’ve had a SaaS product and a high end consultancy both ask if they could send a professional video crew to my office to film my testimonial. Both of them know that I’m very passionate about their products/services so it was smart of them to ask me.

    I expect a lot more people to be doing this soon – I certainly will for Qualaroo. In the past I have used testimonials, but it was really just going through the motions of something that I believed should be done. I’m going to work with the team to invest a lot more time, money and effort into doing testimonials the right way. This article was very useful in learning what the “right way” is.

  8. Vincent Barr

    Social proof and our vulnerability to socially-driven biases affects how we make decisions, every day. It’s almost impossible to escape, hence the value of the testimonial.

    A well-known method of asking for a favor in a way that yields your desired result is to ask for it after you hear two magic words: ‘thank you’.

    So, the next time you deliver exceptional service and have really earned a genuine ‘thank you’, consider it a great opportunity to ask if they would be willing to translate their satisfaction into a testimonial.

  9. Beatrix Willius

    Great article. I really need to automate the testimonial process. What do I do with those nicely meant “great app” testimonials?

  10. Anupam Bonanthaya

    Awesome Article Marie. very comprehensive and worth its weight in gold !
    we have a blog dedicated to Customer Testimonials & Stories ( , and if you don’t mind – i would be providing a link back to this in one of our latest blog posts because i think this will be really valuable to our audience. i like the way you have covered both B2C and B2B segments. nice job.

  11. Nick Taimitarha

    The ‘why’ of testimonials is a no-brainer – social proof is the ultimate marketing tool. The ‘how’ can be trickier, which is why automated review gathering tools (e.g. ReviewsMANAGER) provide a system that ensures testimonials are generated on a regular basis. Obtaining customer feedback should be an integral part of how you do business.

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