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  1. Great article Tommy. This page will definitely be bookmarked and shared with the team.

    Keep up the great work.

    1. Tommy Walker

      Thanks Puya! I’m glad you got a lot out of it!

  2. David

    Emotions are key to everything that is human.
    Thank you for this post. We would be very happy to collaborate with you if you wish to do so. Do not hesitate to try our emotion tracking technology applied combined with web analytics. Available through
    David from GetSmily (co-founder)

    1. Tommy Walker

      Very cool service you guys offer. Drop me an email at tommyisastrategist at gmail dot com, I’d love to talk to you more about the methodology you guys use!

  3. Very well detailed out post Tommy.

    Loved the Mailchimp example, they ve very recently changed theirs home page and that is also looking amazing and you could have also added that to the story.

    Anyways, great post.

    Really apprecieate you sharing this.

  4. yassin

    This is BY FAR the best article i have ever read on how to use emotions in sales & marketing !

    Well researched and written. Very informative and actionable as well.

    Thanks Tommy

  5. Brandon Bear

    Really intelligent post — emotions definitely play a huge role in copywriting/conversion rate optimization, but I would assume that different markets respond differently to each emotion. I guess the only way you figure out what works is through testing.

    1. Tommy Walker

      Not only would different approaches work in different markets, but also counter-intuitive emotions could work too.

      I came across a study where Slugbooks, a text book site, used fun and interesting characters to “disarm” their student visitors who generally associate buying textbooks with a painful experience.

      Thought that was interesting because it really showed the company understood the market. And it makes me wonder how well disarming would work in other areas as well

  6. Tommy Walker

    Thanks Yassin! I hope you can get a lot out of it!

  7. James Halloran

    Wonderfully smart article! I agree completely that everything one sees, hears and touches creates an emotional response in your target audience. From the look of the typography to the feel of the paper you use, it all creates an emotion. And this emotion generates sales.

    Publishing houses got this down pretty well. A lot of intense thought goes into the typography, the font size, the feel of the book itself, etc. If it’s a novel about slavery, chances are the pages have torn edges to make the reader feel the sense of being torn or tarnished like a slave.

    The same is true for marketing. All of these subtle nuances are massively overlooked and that’s mostly because they are an afterthought.

    Thanks for sharing this! I really enjoyed it.

  8. Thank you for this post! Definitely something to bookmark. I’ve been working on bringing together personality driven copy that’s made for conversions. I truly believe that you can be edgy and interesting and get your copy to do what it needs to do.

  9. Tim Watson

    Really well written and stuffed full of useful information. Thanks.

    I’ve little to add, other than a typo spot!
    >>are affected by addition to alcohol and hard drugs
    should be
    >> are affected by addiction to alcohol and hard drugs

    Well at least you know I read the whole thing carefully!

  10. I’m confuse with create emotion and build trust… What is the different? Does if I create emotion also can build trust automatically?

  11. Stan Eigi

    It’s no big secret that emotion is one of the most effective means of selling something. So I agree, emotion IS essential to make more sales. It can trigger the buyer to necessary action. Thanks for sharing.

  12. ozana

    Excellent info on increasing sales. tks

  13. Luiz C. Vieira

    Amazing article, mate. Deep in content and good references, and also fun to read. :)

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