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  1. Justin McGill @ Workado

    Man…this is STRONG! Love the use of visuals to really hammer home your bullet points. GREAT job with this guide.

    1. Tommy Walker

      Thanks Justin, glad you enjoyed it :-)

  2. David Chevalier

    This took awhile to read but it was definitely worth it. Now I want to read through some of the articles you recommended.

  3. Nenad

    In a month this article should have 100+ comments, this is not an article, this beats all those crappy eBooks on Amazon. Fucking great job. Am I allowed to use the F word?

  4. Tim Soulo

    OMG, Tommy… it’s a freakishly long guide!! how am I going to read/check/view all that? :)))

    From skimming I can see that there are quite a few topics that I’d like to dig into, so I’m definitely saving this to my bookmarks and once I design another landing page – I’ll make sure to give this guide a few hours of my time first!

    Huge thanks, Tommy! I love when people take time to create such resources! You’re the man! ;)

    1. Tommy Walker

      Thanks Tim!

      Yes, Bookmarks are a wonderful thing for taking something in like this. I used them a lot to put it together!

      I wonder, do you think it would be benefical to you if we set up a short autoresponder to email the resource articles in sequence?

      Just brainstorming ideas to make sure it’s not all too overwhelming.

  5. Whoa… Tommy. This is a read-it-twice, second time slowly kinda post.
    Thanks for this info. Been reading about the “E” & “F” line of site reading
    that website viewers use. – Thanks Again.

    1. Tommy Walker

      Hey no problem Ed, I’m glad you liked it!

  6. Radu @ MKTZ

    I’ve bookmarked your article and I’ll be coming back to it regularly because there’s too much information to take in all at once (especially considering all the other articles you link to).

    If you don’t mind a recommendation for a future article, I’d be interested in finding more about solutions for landing page optimization one a shoe string budget and without the backing of a team (designer, programmer etc).


  7. Gagan Masoun


    By profession I am web designer. I know the value of Landing Page. Our clients have 3-3 landing pages for their single website. So its clear that how important LP’s are.

  8. Great post Tommy. Understanding your market and what you can offer that’s different is the most difficult in my opinion. The rest can be done if step 0 is completed correctly.

  9. Josh Cary

    Fan-tastic on every level, Tommy. You just gave me my next month’s worth of work. This page alone should be required reading at the university level!

  10. Jimmy

    Amazing Post here, Never seen this type of post about Landing Page Optimization…!!!

  11. Peter

    Wow! I need to re-read this a few times, incredible information…I appreciate the value you share. I might have missed it, but is there a “landing page” development software that you suggest for an intermediate marketer? Many thanks and keep up the great work!

  12. Morgan

    Brilliant guide Tommy–you just made my to-do list super long, but I’m totally pumped to optimize what we’re doing with these insights.

    1. Tommy Walker

      That makes me very happy to hear :-) You’ll have to let me know your results!

  13. Etienne Renaud

    Oh wow, I was just waiting for detailed instructions, suggestions and ideas like this about setting up a landing page. I guess we’ve got some home work now to accomplish.

    Thanks a lot.

  14. tony greene (tonygreene113)

    So many tools to use and filter visitors with. I have no idea on where to

  15. Paul Zanelli

    Although I have only skimmed this so far, there are some great points being raised making it look pretty bloomin good! Consider it bookmarked and I shall be reading this more thoroughly later on.

  16. Tommy, ridiculously well written article!

  17. Jenny Locke

    This is a fantastic resource, well researched and full of really useful information.

  18. James Conte

    This was a great article. Very informative, well-written, and great images.

  19. Swayam Das

    Just shared this :-) Awesome compilation Buddy!

  20. John Williams

    Super-enriched value! Thank you for sharing these deep tips, it is rare to get meaningful direction that is not puffed with SEO fluff – John

    P.S. Found this while establishing value of using better images on ecommerce sites

  21. Loz James

    Great post Tommy – really strong

    I was just laughing at that Dollar Shave Club video the other day, thinking it did a GREAT job of setting the company apart in an otherwise pretty boring space.

    Thanks for sharing :-)



    1. Tommy Walker

      Did you see the one they did for their wipes?!

      I almost died laughing.

  22. Jayne

    It’s not often I leave a comment, but this is one of the best and most comprehensive articles I’ve read. Thank you for providing such valuable content. Amazing!!

  23. Francisco Aguilera G.

    Hey, thanks for this!
    It’s really helpful

  24. Jonathan

    What can I say. A great example of how to write a useful, informative and valuable post. The next job is to share it internally with my team, then out on our social feed. This deserves a wider audience.

    Thank you!

  25. Michael Muselík

    Thank you. Very useful article with tons of information.

  26. Ashraf

    I rarely comment. But when I do, all I say is ‘Thank you’.

    Haha. I’ll make an ebook in my mothertongue out of this, and put on amazon kindle. :p

  27. Awsome, thanks for sharing this, will explore it in detail. Best!

  28. RM Nisperos

    This is the holy grail for startups! Its masterfully explained and I can’t wait to test what you wrote. Read some similar articles but yours definitely blew me away. Thanks! I hope to learn other stuff from you.

  29. Should a non-profit website have negative images to make people act or positive images to make people think of results and therefore take action? I have been told to use positive images but if you look at the media in general, they all use pretty negative images to attract attention?

    1. Tommy Walker

      That’s a great question.

      The only right answer is to test. That said:

      I can’t remember the study off the top of my head, there have been studies that found positive images worked better for *a* non-profit. I imagine it’s due to playing to the feelings of hope rather than hopelessness.

      The media isn’t really a good indicator, because they’re in a different economy and environment all together.

      If my job is to stop you while you’re flipping through channels, and image filled with anxiety and hopelessness might grab your attention long enough to get you to listen to my message.

      If you bait me with a Ppc ad though, and make me feel like garbage because of your cause, I’m probably less likely to give you what you’re looking for.

      See what I mean?

  30. Kitty

    Bookmarked. WOW! Thanks so much for this thoroughly changes my marketing strategies

  31. Andrew Buys

    Great ideas. You gave me several ideas and new sources of information. We’ve got good traffic, just not good conversions. Working on revamping CTAs. Thanks so much.

  32. @jschoftraining

    Fantastic post. I’m not even trying to sell anything through my website but was still compelled to read every word you posted. Thank you.

  33. Nina Henriksen

    Great stuff. I’ve already read a lot on landing page optimization, but this surely is one of the most thorough and easy to read articles I have ever read on the subject. Thanks a lot for sharing!


  34. Nicolai Kostakis

    Thanks for the insights!

  35. Nishadha

    Very very long but worth the time spend on this. This gave me so many ideas it’s hard to figure out where to start.

  36. Sam Mudra

    This is huge and definitely one of the best article across internet on landing page optimization. In this aged of digital marketing these landing pages have very high value for online sales leads and conversion generation. This article is an one stop resource for those who are looking for this topic to learn or write. Bookmarked, tweeted and shared. Thanks for the knowledge you shared with us.

  37. This is an amazing article. This was my first time to your site and you’ve successfully blown my mind. There is tons of great information in this post. I’m going to have to go through it a few times. Seriously, you’re the man.

    1. Tommy Walker

      Thanks Sean! I genuinely hope that you are able to get a ton out of it!

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