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  1. Tom Bowen

    Really good post Michael, but I’m a bit disappointed you didn’t go into the point you made about there being more mobile conversions than we can track. Why would that be? That’s as interesting to me as any of this (and it was all interesting).

  2. Certainly useful information. I was trying to access the post from my mobile, but the fonts in some of the images were barely legible. So there’s another ‘don’t’ to add to your list of making mobile convert: Don’t use images with too much detail!

  3. Michael Mace

    Thanks for your question, Tom. We know from our studies that it’s pretty common for someone using a commerce site on a smartphone to say something like, “I think I’ll finish this transaction later on a personal computer.” Sometimes they do it because they feel the computer is more secure than the smartphone, sometimes it’s because they figure there will be more purchase support information on the computer site, and sometimes it’s because they feel checkout is easier on a computer. So we know this is a common problem, but many analytics systems are not capable of tracking how often it happens. It’ll look like an abandoned shopping cart on the smartphone and a later independent conversion on the computer (or tablet).

    A number of companies are working to fix that gap in the analytics, but it’s hard to do if the user is not logged in on both devices.

  4. Noelle

    Great article, thanks! We hear so much about how the future of ecommerce is mobile, so it’s refreshing to look into the drawbacks…

  5. Julia

    Hi Michael,
    If a user switches from mobile to desktop to complete their purchase, is there a view in Google Analytics that can help track it? Or provide an estimate for how many people might be doing this?
    I was also wondering if you had any thoughts about mobile traffic that comes in from newsletters. What would you optimize for that type of user?
    Thanks a lot!

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