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  1. Randy

    Wow, that’s a lot of great information. I have only a few clients that are using email effectively. With this information I can get a few more.


    1. Carol Stein

      I’m trying to sign up for your weekly tips but all I get is an error page :(

  2. Luiz Centenaro

    Great post Tommy, most companies are capable of conducting an onboarding series and tools like Hubspot are quite costly so I am glad you mention alternatives like Vero.

    1. Tommy Walker

      That was a big one when it came to all of this, there has to be some kind of alternative for the “little guy” right?

      What you want to pay very close attention to though is the segmentation when using something like Vero. Because you’re losing the lead scoring capability, you HAVE to monitor the segments that are taking the most action.

      However, if you nail that, you’re well on your way!

  3. Mark H

    I agree with Randy, that really was a good post.
    Please write a follow up to your target market post. People like myself struggle to define target markets in new industries that our clients bring to us. :)

    1. Tommy Walker

      Oooh. That will be fun! I’ve got a ton of tricks up my sleeve for that ;-)

    2. Mark H

      I can’t wait.
      If you look around, you’ll see there’s quite a few of us. :)

  4. Nina H

    Wow. What an excellent post! I recently got hired as a sales and marketing assistant (the only one) at a small financial services firm (after getting a degree in political science), and all of this marketing stuff is brand new to me. I really appreciate how in depth your article was. It’ll definitely help me get a better handle on turning our new leads into customers, or at the very least, trying to sell my bosses on some changes I’d like to implement. Thank you!

  5. Hashim Warren

    Tommy, the alternative for the little guy is Mailchimp. Now that they have triggers based on on-site activity (not just opens and clicks like before) you can set up some simple but effective flows.

    And they do rudimentary scoring of leads based on email activity.

    1. Tommy Walker

      Very cool! Thanks for the heads up Hashim :-)

    2. Hey tyler,

      cheers for the feedback and answers.
      I am testdriving leadsius and jumplead. Mailchimp can do only 1 step after the goal is reached, you cant create like a 10 step drip email based on behaviour. What I really need is campaigns that trigger emails based on clicks, opens, and page visits/page behavior.

      cheers! ;)

  6. hey tommy, your blog posts kicks serious ass :)
    Any other marketing automation companies out there? I know vero, but isnt there like a low budget marketing automation tool? Like hubspot but then without all the extra’s? And btw, infusionsoft does NOT track website behavior, they only track open/ click rates. SO you cant create a follow up based on website behavior..


    1. Tyler Banfield

      Hey CK, a few worth checking out are Leadsius (free for up to 2,500 contacts), Spokal ($39/month), Jumplead ($40/month) and Drip ($49/month).

    2. Mark H


      Would Zoho CRM and their Zoho Campaigns work well in conjunction to achieve this in your opinion?

  7. Moe Muise

    I’m surprised you didn’t mention Ontraport (formerly Office Autopilot) as an email marketing and CRM solution.

    I used Infusionsoft for one year before switching over to Ontraport, and I singularly blame Infusionsoft for the copious amount of hair I lost that year. Infusionsoft is confusing as hell to use, and (in my experience) have an approach to customer service that borders on passive-aggressive.

    Ontraport, on the other hand, has all the features of Infusionsoft (e.g. tagging, segmentation, triggers based on behaviour), but Ontraport is MUCH easier to set up, and their customer support is wonderful.

  8. Mario Lurig

    There is also an opportunity to onboard within the tool itself, which was a little outside of the scope here.
    When a sign-up occurs, I send them a one-click email verification link with the text “ make sure we can get in-touch with you for important account issues or password recovery”. Once they click-through, I don’t just verify them, but I present them with 3 more questions that help customize their account AND in-turn simplify their usage of the tool by making some default choices.

    For instance, they are asked whether they primarily SHIP or DELIVER their products, and the web app uses the proper wording when orders are created or reviewed to reduce confusion.

    Combining email onboarding with online methods is a great handshake.

  9. Hi Peep,

    I really enjoyed reading this post and I have learnt a lot just by reading this post.

    In the past (or up till today), my auto-responder messages are at most 7 days long and I stop communicating after that. I was afraid that my subscribers would think I am spamming their emails if I email them too often for too long a period.

    Reading your post has made me realized that I was wrong. You have given me the motivation to create more content in my follow up emails and i will definitely try to keep in touch with my readers more often and encourage more interaction.

    You mentioned the use of auto-responders like Infusionsoft, that allows us to send emails that are event triggers.Whilst I understand the merits of the software that you mentioned, the initial price to pay is something that sets me back.I am currently using Aweber. I don’t think it has the option to send event-triggered emails.

    Anyway, great posts. Look forward to more posts from you.


  10. Jeremy Smith

    Great post Tommy. The absolute best part of this email is the personal footnote. The message that you get across here is pivotal to any good marketing campaign, online or offline. Regardless of what tool you use, the experience has to be top notch. It comes down to amazing customer service and just caring 1000 percent about your customer.

    It still amazes me though we still often see that focus isn’t making sure the customer has a phenomenal experience during and especially after the buy. It’s critical for repeat success. It’s absolutely mind blowing that you still remember this personal experience step by step after 10 years. Nice work here.


    Spot on with this write-up, I actually think this site needs much more attention. I’ll probably be returning to
    read through more, thanks for the info!

  12. Tommy mate, how can I thank you for the huge effort you put into this post. Good luck!

  13. GoodBytes

    The conclusion of your post sums it all up. Thanks for the inspiration!

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