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  1. Andrew Case

    Wow! What a post I loved it, thanks Ankit! The introduction story was great learning how they made over $8000 on Ebay.

    BTW your twitter link is broken

    1. Ankit Oberoi

      Hi Andrew,

      Glad you liked the post. Tommy (Editor of ConversionXL) has also worked hard on this one.

      Thank you for pointing out the twitter link, it has been fixed.


  2. Patri Hernandez

    That’s why TED Talks work so well.

    1. Ankit Oberoi

      Precisely :)

      Thanks for reading.

  3. Mike Patch

    Really awesome article! This has given me more than a few ideas for creating content that is story-based. In fact, now that I think about it, “I remember” having great success in the past with content where I simply told a relatable funny story to hook interest.

    1. Tommy Walker

      Funny how that works, isn’t it?

  4. Michael

    Very nice and thorough post. Thanks for sharing your information.

    1. Ankit Oberoi

      Thank you for reading, Michael :)

  5. Morgan Howard

    When I first came across I was skeptical… My head was already throbbing with pain, overwhelmed with too many sources of information. The stress of running out of time and cash was bearing down on me like a weight – I needed help if I was going to reach my goal of making more money.

    So, I subscribed and at first nothing – then it happened! I read about an idea so simple yet effective – it made my skin tingle with excitement! I was a fool in the dark writing copy nobody would read, now enlightened with the secrets of storytelling I’m selling more then every before! Thank you

  6. Tzvi Harel

    You should rename it to The Science of Writing a Good Post.
    Nice job Ankit.

    1. Ankit Oberoi

      Thank you for the suggest Tzvi :)

      Glad you liked it.

  7. Imtiaz Ali

    Great storytelling tips! Thanks :)

    1. Ankit Oberoi

      Thank you for reading Imtiaz :)

  8. Andrew Kirschner

    Absolutely fascinating! What a well-documented and meticulous article. The beginning reminds me of the visualization vs simulation debate re: understanding stories (simulation seems to come out on top). Thanks for such a great post.

  9. Szymon Machajewski

    Ankit and Tommy,

    Excellent material. I see many parallels for classroom in our article. It seems advertising and teaching have much in common, when performed well. The remembering and retrieval have always been part of traditional schooling. I think what we are challenged with in Computer Science is creating the desire to always learn. The action of being vulnerable and pressing on is a skill many are uncomfortable with and it needs to be mastered. Perhaps in advertising it is the customer who fears an expense or making a wrong choice. The willingness to learn effectively from failure is not natural.

  10. Peter Bowyer

    This is a great and enlightening post: Your tie-in with the Men’s Warehouse clip at 00:34 gave me insight into why those moments have such power! And the initial story (or research findings) was great proof that storytelling works.

    I’m in the UK so lack of familiarity with the brand will influence, but I have a very different reaction to you about the Men’s Warehouse shopping experience. Landing on their website breaks the spell the video wove me into. It’s not emotionally engaging, impersonal and they’re not reinforcing the ‘look’ and lifestyle they sold me; only that their clothes are ‘cheap’ and they ‘pile high and sell ’em cheap’ (due to the 2 for 1 on almost everything).

    It doesn’t get better the further into the shopping process I progress; product pages have nothing to sell me on the lifestyle – or even the quality of the product. I wouldn’t be buying. But the video has planted a story in my head and I’m now looking for somewhere to fulfil it…

  11. Adrien

    I can’t help feeling depressed when I see how those fascinating inputs from psychology and neuroscience are imediately turned into weapons of mass manipulation. A worthy read, though: the better we know how they’re trying to influence us, the better we can resist.

  12. Villo Naleo

    It’s a very interesting article, currently i am working on the use of memory in story-telling for my Ph.D dissertation, your article inspired me truly…thank you.

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