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  1. Christopher Enge

    Great article! We just launched our ecommerce store and there are definitely some ideas here that we’ll incorporate.

  2. Jenny

    Amazing piece of information and classic examples to support them. Great work and I’d love to follow your writing henceforth.

  3. Super! Great yet simple matters covered, a must read for every online store manager. Love the visual examples too!

  4. Ron Peled

    GREAT article! you touched all the great points. One thing that really adds to the conversion is also the post sales experience, this can only be measured long term and with repeat shoppers – yes, they exist online! :)

  5. Sheila Guo

    Awesome article! We launched our eCommerce site ( two weeks ago. There are definitely things we can improve on to boost our conversion rate! Thanks again.

  6. Shauna Davis

    Great article thank. I have always wondered about free shipping and I like the the backorder idea. :)

  7. Byron

    EXCELLENT article!! Every link was leading to something good, interesting and educational also! In all the months gone that i have spent reading articles of the same subject i don’t think i have yet come across content where i took so many interesting notes or couldn’t leave without finishing!

  8. Nirvana

    Worth a read… Thanks… looking forward to more insights :)

  9. Nirvana

    A very neat article giving insights very accurately and aptly.. Thanks and keep them coming :)

  10. Mark Brandsma

    Great tips on increasing online CR: your suggestions are clear, actionable, practicle and right on target. We are start up with still some work to do on our site. Your tips will definitely be incorporated!

  11. chate

    Great article, simple and easy to understand, but some hardcore comments that collectively could make all the difference!

  12. Michael Evans

    This collection just makes me faint .. exactly what every ecommece business will be looking forward to

  13. Some great points. I used to think that offering PayPal looked Mickey Mouse. But we recently added it to a number of stores and we have seen a higher than expected % of orders come in that way. Why not add Google Checkout, Amazon etc. Also..not too much about testimonials in this article but they can be very powerful if you are not selling in a format where reviews make sense.

  14. Patrick Ruhkopf

    Thanks for a great article with excellent examples! Just one note about the account creation. I agree it should be as easy as possible, but I would never trust a site that sends out passwords by email. Please do not encourage this practice. Email is an insecure medium. Instead send an invitation link where the user can enter a password to create an account or just provide a form on the order confirmation page.

  15. Elliott Chen

    This is so helpful. Kudos to the author for helping small businesses. This is amazing info!

  16. Taylor Dean

    great post. looking forward on your next article!

  17. Suresh

    Excellent article which will really help more the first time e-commerce entrants like me. Thank you.

  18. Kunal Anand

    Really interesting and really information, it was surely a long list, must have taken you loads of time to compile, but it was worth the time it took to analyze each and every point.

    Point Well Taken!

  19. Great article, we have incorporated almost all the points described above like free shipping, good product images etc etc but sales are still on a lower side, why is that so?

  20. Sameer Maggon

    Great article and specifically your point around search. However, it’s crucial to also understand what kind of conversion rates are you driving from search as those typically tend to be much higher due to strong intent from the user. Look at how many searches return no results, and that’s your loss of opportunity and low hanging fruit to increasing revenue.

  21. Randy Kauffman

    Great Stuff. We will be using a lot of this for our clients.

  22. Elena Dobre

    Great post, indeed! I work for a new conversion optimization software . We used some of these ideas to create a conversion optimization quiz for ecommerce websites. The focus is on product page and cart page optimization. What do you think of it?

  23. Incredible article on conversion and sales. So much info to take from this. Thanks a lot

  24. Hassan


    First i want to say thank you so much for this treasure of infos. I have 2 very important questions, and i hope if you can answer me, cause it will resolve my biggest obstacles.

    1) which is better, offering the lowest price possible, or offering slightly high price and give coupons for registering an account ?

    2) How to implement free shipping if the shipping fees are more than 50€ (i can only offer secured shipping as i sell dresses for more than 200€) ? Also, if i try to add the shipping fees to the product price, it turns out to be very high comparing to my competitors, then i lose all possible buyers.

    Thank you so much again

  25. Charles

    As far as free shipping goes I did this a while back in one of my ecommerce stores and had a substantial conversion increase. It’s really is one of the largest conversion boosters that I’ve found on our sites.

    The one issue I ran into was that I knew the price of each product had to increase but it was difficult to determine by how much. I started with of a basic method of pretty much guessing, making a sale, retroactively figuring out the true cost then increasing each item by this price. For this site we have thousands of products ranging from less than 1lb to greater than 250 lbs so this method was clearly this was killing our margins and took a long time for us to ‘dial in’ the correct markup to use for each item (we have 2000+ products on this site alone!)

    To solve this we did the following…. First take each SKU’s weight, the location of it’s origin and figure out the furthest destination code that this item could be shipped to. For us this part was easy, we only ship to the continental US and most of our warehouse locations are a zone 2 so the max we ship to is a zone 8. Just get a single zone 8 zipcode and since all zipcodes in a zone have the same shipping cost that’s all the data we needed. From here we went through each item, calculated the HIGHEST shipping cost of this item, then could add this cost to each time that we wanted to offer free shipping on.

    Using this method, we know that in the very WORST case we’ll breakeven on a free shipping item that has to be shipped to a zone 8 (in our case). For every other destination in the US we’re in the black. This has allowed us to offer free shipping, know our margins ahead of time and be extremely competitive on price.

    I’d like to start by saying that this is totally not a sales pitch but…. because a free friends first asked us for it we started to offer this as a product to others (currently Magento only) for a small fee. We allow users to upload their products and all at once calculate a breakeven worst case shipping price for every product in their database. Honestly you can totally do it by hand in Excel if you would rather. We offer this as a service because once you get to 100+ products using the UPS website to calculate the shipping price of every product a gets a tad repetitious.

    If you want to check it out we would love to hear your feedback –

  26. david

    Great stuff, wish I had an article like this for converting paid subscription based sites. There are many similarities, but a lot of differences at the same time.

  27. Zoey Richardson

    Regarding live chat, I would highly recommend Inside. I accidentally came across inside, and after looking through their site, it morphs a business website into a virtual storefront so business personnel can see and help their site visitors in real-time using chat.

  28. Kriti Sarda

    Amazing list, Peep! Product details in the form of video gives a 360 degree view of the product that help visitors take decisions quickly. I’d like to add that landing pages and a consistent navigation help in conversions greatly.
    Landing pages are a highly focused way to promote products, trends etc. that urge a visitor to take action.
    A clear and consistent navigation enables easy browsing and quick product discovery.
    I wrote a similar post on ways to increase conversions for ecommerce sites, take a look.

  29. Brianna Wills

    Always remember to be creative and unique. Brand yourself different from other brands, even you are in the same industry or business with other competitors. One should think from the customer side, instead of seller side.

  30. Tony

    Great stuff. I really appreciate your post!

  31. Ramires

    Amazing stuff!
    This article kind a small bible to kept close.
    Thanks a lot for the great tips!

  32. Jenny Jonson

    I was working on my website and was it user friendly or not. But now I’m implementing some change as you suggested in your post. Thanks a lot Peep Laja.

  33. April

    Most of these tips are nice but also a little useless because a majority of the small online stores use ecommerce websites such as Shopify or Big Cartel and many of them don’t give a lot of room for that kind of customization and are very limited. I myself use Shopify and I have to use about 35 apps or more in order for my store to run properly.

    1. Peep Laja Peep Laja

      But you don’t have to be trapped by those guys. It’s a choice. You always have a choice.

  34. Damian

    Yes, this are good tips and they surface two big issues:
    1. We can blindly trust a system and don’t think too much about optimization (Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento), so we just let it do its thing (even though I consider myself a tester I find myself making this mistake sometimes in one way or another, especially when trying new things.)
    2. When you are trusting it and realize that you need to change some things, that’s when you see you need a developer to “fix it”, so you realize you can’t afford to be cheap about this. It’s all cost of opportunity.

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