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  1. Studey Student

    great, this really helped me for my marketing class. thanks!

    1. Razakarivony Benjamin

      Good post.
      A value proposition is not for products or services only. In the same manner you can create what is called Professional Value Proposition. To do so, answer the following three questions:
      1.Why can I be useful? What business driver should I respond to?
      2.How do I proceed? Which area should I focus on?
      3.What results can I deliver? For what improvement?
      To learn more

  2. Well written and highly useful post.

    Thank you for sharing

  3. Janine Ogg

    Thanks for this post it was brilliant to see a visual representation of the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to UVP’s. It’s been great to see examples of a UVP translated into website design. We’ve been getting caught up and stuck around our UVP and this has really helped.

    We’ll come back and share our landing page when we’re less embarrassed by it!

    Janine and Jo

  4. Javed Hussan

    great ! nice information for me

  5. Steve O’Connor

    Google ventures said explain your value proposition in 5 seconds. I searched how to do that and found your article. Fantastic advice and 100% rebrandable :)
    Great links too – thanks

  6. Renate

    I have read so many content regarding the blogger lovers but this article
    is actually a good post, keep it up.

  7. Sunny Mui

    Wow this might be one of the best posts I’ve read on value statement optimization. Simple, easy to read, and no longer than it needed to be. Hope to put some of this into effect soon for our own startup!

  8. Amazing Post again.. just can’t get off this blog.. this is my 5th article in a row.. great sensible, useful content with lot of case studies and research.

  9. Ann Stephenson

    I wanted to send this to my staff and some clients. I didn’t: “You have to present your value proposition as the first thing the visitors see on your home page, but should be visible in all major entry points of the site.”

  10. bathlomew onyach

    Its educative,informatory,and well advising for right decision.
    continue with good job.
    kind regards.

  11. Derrick B. (Web Design London Ontario)

    I just wanted to thank you. I am in the web design industry, and my home page introduction isn’t really talking to anyone. I don’t have a value proposition on my home page, the the message is weak overall. Funny enough, I checked my competition, and they are the same! This info is really going to help point me in the right direction. I appreciate it.

  12. This is very detail and great value for creating the value statement!
    Excellent work.

  13. Clinton Skakun

    Really, really detailed, meaty article. More copywriters and designers should read this article. I must have read it 5 times, just to grasp a little more of what you where saying. Thanks to you I just increased my launch page skills a few points.

  14. Kaniel

    Quite informative! I really like the comparative analysis, it really highlights key elements of a good value proposition

  15. HenryV

    Great article. Great Examples. Got some work to do now.

  16. john moroz

    My site is kind of embarassing and to this end we are looking at a total update in our approach. Most of what is on this site to be removed to better focus on what we do in the Real Estate industry, ie. Sell, buy and consult.

  17. Prabu Rajasekaran

    A very good post, Peep. I’ve really got down what a homepage needs to have.

  18. Paulus Sarwana of SmallWeBusiness

    Teaching a concept through good and bad examples are always informative and entertaining as well. I believe that creating a good value proposition can help us in researching and selecting the right keywords for our target audience. Next, it also helps in creating content that address their problems. Finally, providing a series of solutions that make them want to buy our products or services.

  19. lydia kenyon

    I use a lot of explanations to clients as to why don’t ‘Welcome to…’ gleefully looking forward to using yours!
    many thanks

  20. Javid Jamae

    Great article! Articles on UVP generally focus on SaaS businesses and don’t give much attention to e-commerce, so thanks for including a solid e-commerce example with Down & Feather.

  21. Taylor Dean

    informative article. keep it up. i’m following each of your article because it might help me creating my next website.

  22. Mrini

    Found the article very helpful. I am designing a website and these tips are handy and useful. Thanks for publishing.

  23. Quinton

    Very helpful article Peep. I have been focusing much more on conversions for websites and you clearly explained what a value proposition is. The examples you provided made it very clear. I’m going to check out some more of your posts. Thanks for your help :)

  24. Karen Walters

    A strong value proposition is specific, often citing numbers or percentages. It may include a quick synopsis of your work with similar customers as a proof source and demonstration of your capability. It’s outcome focused and stresses the business value of your offering.

  25. Adam Dukes

    An excellent article! Great examples of what to do and what NOT to do. After 3 years online, I am finally learning how important a UVP really is.

  26. Dale Callahan

    Well done. Too often I see companies – especially young tech companies – loading up with proposition with tech jargon. We really have to get to the issues our customer cares about before they will listen.

  27. Shashi

    Awesome reading, clear and makes sense. I am a full time student and am writing an assignment where I have to put value proposition of my product. After reading this article, I am much clear how I should frame my value proposition. Great work. Thank you so much.

  28. Extremely in depth article I must say. Will definitely take it into account and do lots of testing. Should be interesting!

  29. Stan Eigi

    Those are useful value proposition examples indeed. I know there are plenty of such articles on the Net (I mean helpful ones), but there should be even more! Those are invaluable to beginner bloggers. Thanks!


    Great post… I will definitely use these tactics as it relates to my endeavor I am working on.

  31. Patri Hernandez

    It would be perfect to see you giving the alternatives to L’Oreal and Band-Aid.

  32. Your website’s usability sucks. You have zoom disabled for mobile devices. Did it ever occur to you that some people may want/need to zoom? Other than that your content is good.

  33. Janine Pemberton

    Really great and useful content here, thanks for putting this together :)

  34. Ruchi

    As always, great post Peep.

    But I am wondering, could you give some examples of how eCommerce sites can do value propositioning great? If you sell, for example, archery gear, what would you do?

  35. Clipping Path Service

    Excellent and decent post. I found this much informative, as to what I was exactly searching for. Thanks for such post and please keep it up.

  36. John Shaver

    Great article, I learned a lot.

    Combined with your article about how worthless carousels/sliders were, I created a new graphic on our site. I would love any quick feedback:

    The slider is still there, but doesn’t play automatically, and the arrows pop up when it gets hovered over.

    Keep up the great content :)

    1. Dutch

      My coach just brought out the unique value proposition for my site and I came here to find out more about UVP. Great content and very useful to help write the website copy. I think I have my UVP figured out but if anyone would like to comment on it please email me.

  37. Edelyn Garcia

    The explaination is very useful for a business. There is this learning that could acquired by reading the article.

  38. Suraj Sodha

    Great stuff, Peep.

    I was really struggling to create something super exciting and totally unique but the point about using small boosters to make our value proposition unique helped a lot.

    Also the distinction between what is actually unique with what is unique in our customers’ minds.

    We have implemented a bunch of your tips for our new website’s value proposition.


  39. Nolan J. Valenzuela

    This will be very useful & helps us to be competitive.

  40. Julie Hall

    Great points and such an important topic. Having the right value proposition can really get your business going. Customization is the key.

  41. Gleison Nascimento

    Great article.

    Explain in a good way to understand.

    In Brazil, brands have a poor understanding in value proposition.

  42. Clay Braziller

    Thanks for one of the best summaries of what a value statement should be and Not BE!

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