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  1. Matthew

    Why have you got a pop up “Get the Conversion Guide”, lower right, when point #34 says “just know that people hate all kinds of pop-ups.”?
    Just asking, as breaking rules sometimes works, and I’m wondering about a slider to give a ‘cool’ element I think (will test) my audience wants, although mt research says sliders increase page time but lower conversion.

    1. Peep Laja Peep Laja

      Thanks for asking. First of all popup is not a scroll triggered box (which is what I use). Popup is intrusive and covers the whole content. The box here is only activated when you scroll down (proven interest) and it does not cover the content. (And it works very well).

      Image sliders are proven conversion killers.

    2. Randy Dueck

      Peep, Can you say more about image sliders killing conversion? it would seem that they are main staple of websites these days.

    3. Peep Laja Peep Laja

      Indeed they are! But not because they work :) They weren’t developed by conversion people, that’s for sure.

      They don’t work because
      * They’re usually too fast and people can’t read the text on them
      * A single message works best – image sliders try to pass on many messages at the same time which doesn’t work
      * Human eye reacts to movement, so they won’t pay attention to other – way more important parts. It’s like a screaming monkey in the corner, demanding constant attention.

      An article on this:

    4. William

      Are you using the dreamglow scroll triggered box? If not, which one do you recommend?

    5. Peep Laja Peep Laja

      I use Qoate, but they’re both perfectly fine.

  2. Great list – Something I’d change though – 10+ seconds is generous when most people will click away after 1 or 2 if a website isn’t loading… I don’t have citations but have read it in many places. Search a few references out, but all the SEO blogs have great research on that.

  3. Brett

    Thanks for taking the time to write this post. It’s a good reminder.

    That said, there’s a spelling error in yogur list. Look at #25.

  4. Johannes

    Thanks for this great article!! I am currently busy boosting credibility on some of my sites, so your article came just at the right time ;-). I am glad that I signed up to your newsletter in the past!!

  5. The stock photos get me every time. Can’t stand them!!

    1. Peep Laja Peep Laja

      Yeah! Of course, there are quality stock photos as well, but most of them are indeed overly cheesy and obviously fake.

  6. Excellent article!

    Concise will plenty of awesomeness!

  7. Nice article, thank you for posting, agree with all points! Keep it up ;)

  8. Gemma D Lou

    Nice article Peep,

    From the very beginning, I didn’t get very far into the list at all before coming across 2 that I can work on right now. Points 2 and 3. Once that’s done, I can work my way through last list. Great list by the way.

  9. Chetz Togom

    Hi Peep,

    Thanks so much for this list. I was looking at my website and just I drop by your website and saw your latest post. Perfect timing!

    Quite a long list but all make sense to me as I look for the same things when looking at a website.

    Thanks again.


  10. Joel Libava


    Thanks for a very thorough post.

    I like your design. Clean, for sure.

    I’m always trying to improve my main site and main blog.

    Great suggestions.

    The Franchise King®

  11. Christian Kunz

    Nice article Peep,

    I would like to know what you think about websites using hand-me-down templates? Do they have a chance at all to reach a good credibility?


    1. Peep Laja Peep Laja

      You mean like WordPress templates you find on Themeforest and stuff? Template per se matter less for credibility (it has to look good), the important stuff is the content on your website.

  12. Jonathan

    Thanks for the article. It’s very usefull.
    I just discover your blog and it’s a goldmine.

  13. A wonderful factors & very important factors cover in small article. Some of factors are never comes in my mind. So, according to me it’s awesome.

  14. Chris

    Hey Peep, this is going straight into the ‘must keep’ swipe file. It’s all common sense stuff that often gets overlooked. I’m overhauling my personal site as I’m about to start full-time consulting and want to show I can walk the walk. These invaluable tips will help a lot. Thanks!!

  15. Mr_Write

    Excellent! There were about 32 on this list I never even thought of. :)

  16. Lawyer James

    This is a great list of compiled tips for website credibility. We have re-branded our company ( website and all…) and have been focusing on this subject.

  17. Raymond

    This is your website description in Google for “website rating checklist”.
    Our downloadable website checklist includes over 120 elements in 12 categories that you can check to ensure you have a good quality … “Rated Excellent”

    Somehow, after reading the entire article, and it’s a good one, and the comments, I still have not found the download.

  18. Patrick

    Awesome list! I’ve always been torn on #18. What some may consider an impressive amount of clients others may consider laughable.

    Luckily Content Experiments can decide for us.

  19. John Lawers

    Good checklist. But regarding your first point I am not sure that for some audiences content is still more important than design. If the content is good, the design is not so important.

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