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  1. David

    That’s a pretty cool article. When redesigning landing pages, especially long ones, I always insist on creating a good flow or path through the content, and it’s always proved quite effective in terms of conversions.

    Plus, kudos for digging deeper than the usual « Perfect landing page » infographics that go through the different elements that should be there, but never talk about how they INTERACT, which to me is a lot more fundamental.

    1. Marie Polli

      Hi David, thank you. It is true that getting every element added to the site to support the same flow is essential. Contradictions will create confusion and break the eye path. Hopefully we’ll be able to write an article about possible combinations sometime.

  2. great article marie! where do you get these images? a lot of the stockphotos are just not good enough. any advice?
    cheers ;)

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