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  1. Dixie Nichols

    Clear, interesting and original.

  2. Paul Sarwana

    Understanding visitors’ intention when visiting a web page is key. We need to know the next action that the visitors want to make. Any call to action words that fulfill their needs and wants will convert to whatever task we want them to do. And yes, I agree with you that value proposition will boost the conversion even higher.

  3. Jason Hull

    Just love how the form for email updates at the end is a perfect example… We should all eat our own dog food.

  4. peter

    ADD to CART or BUY NOW In the real retail world, you would never say BUY NOW to your customer because it would be impolite. you would point out the benefits and back off, allowing them to make up their own mind. that’s human nature. no one likes to be told to do something unless its a life and death situation, and even then they hesitate. But the cyber world is totally different. You are not ‘in their face’ so i am of the opinion that BUY NOW online is a direct invitation from a non human to get them to make a decision, so i have the feeling that its the best call to action. at present my website has a variety of calls to action which i think is confusing. i am planning to change it, but would appreciate any observations from this excellent site. thanks, Peter

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