Merritt Aho

Merritt Aho

Merritt got his start in CRO after entering a university digital analytics competition and discovering a passion for data-driven design.

At Dell he was involved in hundreds of B2C and B2B ecommerce tests both as an Optimization Manager and an Analytics Manager. From Dell, Merritt established CRO programs for Volusion and then for Dun & Bradstreet where he currently works as Director of Testing & Optimization.

Merritt has served as a chapter leader for the Digital Analytics Association Austin Chapter and occasionally shares his CRO experience and enthusiasm with others at conferences, in webinars, on blogs and on twitter.

How to Build and Structure a Conversion Optimization Team

The initial phase of establishing an optimization practice at any organization is an exciting time. Big wins often accompany putting companies and careers on an upward trajectory.

But it can also be a real challenge knowing where to start and how to lay a solid foundation with the potential to transform the business. How you structure your team might be the most important part of this.

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