Arjan Haring

Arjan Haring

Founder of The Control Group. Experienced (10+ years) data / behavioral science professional and educator. Helping organisations apply innovation by experimentation.

Former cofounder of Science Rockstars, creators of PersuasionAPI. Former (and first) Travel Scientist at

The Experiment Canvas: A Better Way to Plan Tests

I have been part of some the best conversion optimization teams in the world, and they seem to have an intuitive sense on how to run the best experiments. People that are involved in these teams share a similar mindset.

I wanted to try to make this a process, one that could teach any organization how to run better experiments. I wanted to try to make this mindset more explicit in a way that is fun to use.

There’s no rocket science that follows, but this framework may well help your team drive a more efficient optimization culture.

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