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What you have to know about conversion optimization

This post will make you money. It will teach you about conversion optimization – how exactly to do it, based on all the best research and experiments.

Why do conversion optimization?  It is the cheapest, quickest way to increase sales online – and it demonstrates a clear ROI.

Think about this: if you’re currently converting at 1% (1% of your visitors buy your stuff), but can increase that to a mere 2%, you’ve doubled your sales. Keep reading »

Target shopping cart abandoners

Research from RedEye and Econsultancy shows that 70% of companies that target shopping cart abandoners have increased sales. Yet 54% of marketers don’t target cart abandoners at all.

Want more sales? Get on it.

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Passion sells

Seth Godin nails it in his blog post today. It’s hard to know in advance what the market wants, and trying to guess can be a costly game. When you use your enthusiasm instead of cold calculation to launch something, you’re more likely to succeed. Keep reading »