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Convert More Visitors By Improving Your Internal Site Search

According to eConsultancy, up to 30% of eCommerce visitors will use internal site search. Typically speaking, due to the increased level of purchase intent, are also known to convert sometimes up to 5-6X higher than the average non-site search visitor.

Natural language processing software Inbenta mentions in this article a client who noticed their site search customers converted 43% higher, and eConsultancy talks about cases where site search visitors are making up as much as 13.8% of the overall revenue.

And yet, I can almost guarantee that more than half of ConversionXL readers aren’t paying attention to site search.

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How To Identify & Improve Crappy UX Issues

Could you imagine a situation where 72% of your customers think that the content on your site was completely disconnected from what they really wanted?

What if you discovered that only a measly 14% of your customers actually valued a relationship with you and your brand?

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but according to recent research done by CEB Marketing, this might just be the case. What’s even more frightening, is how highly marketers (that is you and me) think of themselves.

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Think About Customer Experience, Not Just Conversion Optimization

You’re working to increase your online profits, and you perform conversion optimization. That’s great. But it’s not enough. Even the terminology is off.

I’m not alone in this. Most optimizers I know dislike the term ‘conversion optimization’ and want to replace it with something else. Even the guys who invented the term are dissatisfied.

The reason being true optimization is not just about conversions. It’s way more than that.
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8 Effective Ways of Measuring UX

Ever wonder why your site has a lot of visitors, but not enough transactions, purchases or inquiries? In this post we will look at both marketing and UX metrics at a slightly different angle. Keep reading »