How Unbounce Used Webinars To Increase Free Trial Starts By 35%

How Unbounce Used Webinars To Increase Free Trial Starts By 35%

I know what you’re thinking, “Ugh… webinars…” I couldn’t agree with you more.

They’re played out, they can feel dirty, and definitely have a high reputation of being – in general – thinly veiled pitch feasts.

But then again, Lars Lofgren told me in his interview that webinars were one of the prime reasons KISSmetrics has been able to grow as quickly as it has. Conversion Rate Experts also say webinars are responsible for their “highest sales ever”. Surely they’ve got to be on to something, right?

So I sat down with Georgiana Laudi, the Director of Marketing of Unbounce, and asked how they’ve approached using webinars, because I knew she wasn’t excited about using them at first either.

In this 28 minute interview we discuss: 

  • Why focusing on existing customers first was the best strategy for Unbounce webinars
  • How they originally dealt with low signup rates
  • How they improved their webinar signups by 150%
  • & a whole lot more

Just in case you prefer audio only (workplace friendly)

Download Audio

What I really enjoyed, and what I think you’ll find useful, is that Unbounce’s approach to webinars started as a way to connect with their customers to answer questions about an upcoming feature release.

It wasn’t until their customers started asking marketing questions did they think that webinars would be a powerful acquisition channel & thank goodness they listened, because they were able to increase their trial startup rate by 35%

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  1. Hey guys, any way to download these episodes? I’d love to listen later while driving but can’t seem to find a way to download either on this site or when I go to the soundcloud page :(

    1. Hey Jeff, I’m actually setting up a way to do that now! Thanks for the suggestion :-)

    2. Update, the audio is now available for download. Just click the link underneath the SoundCloud player :-)

  2. Totally agree, webinars are killer because they create a sense of “attending an event” that you just can’t get from a video recording. It’s the difference between going to the Super Bowl and watching a rerun from last week.

  3. Thanks for this.
    Was there a specific day where a webinar did better?
    I’m currently in a situation where the only days I could possibly host it is on the weekends and wanted to see whether you’ve done anything on a weekend and how well it did.

    1. That’s a very good question. I’ll ping Gia to get her thoughts.

      My answer though would be don’t get too caught up in it. Regardless of what day you do it, it’s going to start off slow in the beginning.

      Weekend’s are naturally going to be tough for a live crowd, but really don’t let that prevent you from getting started. One of my biggest takeaways from Gia’s interview was that they still see value from their webinars LONG after they’ve taken place because they live on the separate resource page that gets linked to time and time again.

      Also, a good percentage of people are going to sign up just to get the replay.

      My suggestion: Do them on the weekends, but mail the replay when your list has historically shown to be the most responsive.

      If you don’t have that data yet, don’t worry about it yet. Just work your ass off to get subscribers, then analyze their patterns after.

  4. Thanks for the reply and insight. Maybe it will be better to start on a weekend after all, when things are more low key.

  5. Thanks Tom & Gia for an awesome webinar, and for great insights.

  6. I have seen our customers increase their ROI with webinars through using technology that automates the promotion / drip campaigns for the webinars including registration, reminder and follow-process within the same platform that tracks website visitors, tracks social engagement and dynamically manages database and list. Webinars are very powerful.

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How Unbounce Used Webinars To Increase Free Trial Starts By 35%