Is Your Value Proposition Clear & Compelling? [Website Reviews]

Is Your Value Proposition Clear & Compelling? [Website Reviews]

Today I’m reviewing value propositions of several websites.

Value propositions are critically important – especially if you’re not super well known or you’re driving traffic via ads.

Background reading:

Watch this 7-minute review:

Websites mentioned in this review:

Here’s the slide deck:

Got questions or comments about value propositions? Please add your comments below.

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  1. Peep,

    Thank you for these critiques! It helps me to re-focus on communicating my value to my visitors!

  2. As usual a brilliant analysis. This is one of my very favourite websites for marketing advice and insights. Rock solid, experience-based guidance. I love it!

  3. Peep, I’ve been following your work for about a year, this is a fantastic post. We are currently experiencing some difficulties with our conversion process. Some people make it to checkout, but upon seeing the price, backout.

    Do we not have enough value proposition? Do you offer a service to analyze our website? We’re doing A/B, recording visitor sessions, I’ve even built a flow monitor. We’re still not converting. Could you spare some time to talk?

    1. Peep Laja

      Either you’re driving unqualified traffic (people with no money) or the offer doesn’t seem worth it. If it’s more expensive than the competition, it needs to be clear and obvious as to why. Pile on proof!

      If you’d like to schedule a consultation, check this link:

  4. i find you’re talk very simular to

    I’ve only seens your slideshare so maybe you mention them in your video, i don’t know and actually don’t care. Good set of slides and confirms my other source.

    Currently i am working as an intern at Twisted and i am doing research on how to improve the website.
    The goal is the give visitors a better understanding of the diffrent services we provide (mainly web, design, and video / animation).

    I don’t exactly know why but i think i might have read a post of you reviewing a dutch website. Do you speak dutch? if so could you give me you’re oponion on how to improve If not what do you think of the current homepage? here is the translated value proposition: “Making brand succesfull using Digital media.” and the subheading: “Thats our goal. How? We create innovative websites, Motion graphics, webcommercials and apps. Always based on a smart strategy”

    My current findings so far:
    I think the homepage should have a better CTA. So the visitor has a better idea what to do next.

    (if you speak dutch and understand the rest of the site)
    The “diensten” page should be split up in smaller paragraphs with a better navigation wich shows the different products.

    The portfolio should better show the diversity of products. maybe an overview with detailed pages.

    Thanks in advance
    I like your blog. My suggestion would be to add some sources to some claims u make.

  5. Peep, why you say rotating banners are that bad? Is that for every business? We sell multiple product – airline tickets to basically any destination. It seems just so hard to show different specials to different clients. Would be amazing if you could reply or talk about travel business in that context. Thanks!

    1. Hey Victoria,

      I just saw your comment here, sorry for the delay in response.

      Many many conversion tests have shown automatic rotating banners are a conversion killer. The primary reason is because the motion steals attention from where the visitor is looking, and typically speaking, that causes overwhelm and “tuning out” of what goes on in the rotating images area.

      An alternative is to check your data to find the corresponding areas where

      A.) People are physically making their purchases
      B.) Where in the world they are going.

      While it’s true that you can go anywhere in the world, you might find trends of people in the northern states going south during the winter, or find that certain regions across the country have a tendency to go to other specific regions across the country.

      Using a service like Visual Website Optimizer, you could target those visitors (i.e in the northeast) and show them offers for the places other people in their area tend to go (i.e down to florida)

      Instead of showing everybody everything, try to find the trends in your data to optimize the onsite experience to show people what they’re more likely going to want right away.

      Even if the offer in the static image is something like “Take a trip to someplace warmer” you’re better serving your user intent for each region, and are far more likely to have higher conversions.

  6. Peep: You’re brilliant.

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Is Your Value Proposition Clear & Compelling? [Website Reviews]