Past webinars

Email marketing that works – February 2018
Who: Jessica Best @ Barkley

The hard truth about statistics – November 2017
Who: Georgi Georgiev @ WebFocus

Psychology of persuasion – October 2017
Who: Nathalie Nahai, Peep Laja

Emotional design strategies for higher conversions – October 2017
Who: Dr. Brian Cugelman  @ AlterSpark

Form optimization – August 2017
Who: Tom New @ Formisimo

Brand building for small businesses and consultants – September 2017
Who: Mike Murphy @ The Visionary Planner

SQL for marketers – September 2017
Who: Karlijn Willems @ DataCamp

Advanced organic aquisition – July 2017
Who: Adam Melson @ Seer Interactive

Learn how to use relevance and enable conversions – August 2017
Who: Andre Morys @ Web Arts AG

Optimization program management webinar – August 2017
Who: Manuel Da Costa @ Effective Experiments

The business of behavioral psychology – June 2017
Who: Erik Johnson, Behavioral Insights @ Morningstar

Avoiding the costliest UX mistakes – May 2017
Who: Karl Gilis, Co-founder of AGConsult

9 lessons learned from running a CRO agency – April 2017
Who: Peep Laja, Founder Principal @ CXL

Google Analytics for beginners – April 2017
Who: Chris Mercer, Co-founder of SeriouslySimpleMarketing.com

10 referral marketing commandments – March 2017
Who: Dominic Coryell @ Gimme Growth

Answering tough business challenges with Google Analytics – March 2017
Who: Charles Farina, Manager, Digital Analytics @ ‎Analytics Pros

How to execute and A/B test cross-channel personalization – January 2017
Who: Shanelle Mullin, Content and Growth at CXL, and Andy Zimmerman, CMO of Evergage

Changing the game: always on testing with artificial intelligence – December 2016
Who: Peep Laja, founder of CXL and Jonathan Epstein, CMO of Sentient Technologies